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I am a written piece. The more you read me, the more interested you become in my topic. Through words on the page, I can present new ideas to you that change the way you think about your school. You might be wondering what type of writing I am. I am a news article, talking about a creative writing piece.

My kind of writing lets the author’s imagination run wild.

For students who like to write for fun, on whatever topic they like, Junior Trey Garcia and Senior Nate Gibbons, formed the GPA Creative Writing Club last year with English Teacher Lisa Bullington’s help.

Creative Writing Club meets every first Wednesday of every month during lunch and is given a new topic to write about by Club Co-Sponsor Cindy Norris, who leads every meeting. A club member can either choose to write using her prompt or he can write about his own chosen topic. Members choose the style of writing to focus on, including prose and poetry.

“This club provides students an opportunity to express themselves creatively in whatever way they wish,” said Bullington.

The group is constantly coming up with exciting new ideas such as poetry contests that any high school student can enter as well as group projects where members have been asked to write a chapter each of a combined story.

The club came about when Garcia and Gibbons approached Mrs. Bullington about their idea. Bullington helped organize the club and turned the students’ idea into a reality. She often sits in during club meetings and gives insight to young authors.

“I became involved when a couple of students approached me last year with the idea of a club,” said Bullington. “My role is a teacher adviser.”

Bullington stresses the difference between writing an essay for English class and writing with freedom in the new club.

“Typically, in English class, we focus on structured writing and essay development. The writing club allows the students to write about anything they wish. This club provides students an opportunity to express themselves creatively,” said Bullington.

Club President Garcia understands the importance of expressing yourself through writing.

“Some students might be struggling with something or might be in need of an outlet,” said Garcia. “Writing is good therapy in times like that.”

Mrs. Norris, Senior Shanley Stuteville’s aunt, helps direct the student’s creativity in the right direction.

“Mrs. Norris, creates a relaxing atmosphere, feeds the students cookies, and speaks words of creativity over them. She encourages them to connect with God and see themselves as unique people designed and loved by their Creator,” said Bullington.

Writing is one of Norris’ favorite pastimes, so she was eager to take on the task of facilitating the club.

“Since I was a child, I have loved to write,” said Norris. “After many years of doing other things, I’ve found my way home to writing.  As an artist, I paint.  As a writer, I try to paint with words.  Currently, I am working toward creating a middle grade fantasy (with a God element) and picture books for children.  Am I published yet?  Not yet!  But I am working on it!”

Norris has a unique take on the value of conveying thoughts and feelings through writing.

“While in many areas of education it is important to garner information and understand that information, opportunity is seldom available for the learner to express who he or she is as an individual,” said Norris. “We are each such unique creations of God.  It is important for students to have the freedom to write what they want so that they can explore who they are and what their relationship is with Christ in their own personal journey.”

Garcia and Bullington believe that the club has grown and expanded since its inception last year because of the students and adults involved in leadership.

“I think the club has grown because we have so many creative and talented students at Grace, and Mrs. Norris is an outstanding mentor,” said Bullington. “Besides her leadership, there are several student leaders who are supporting their friends as they express their creativity.”

Norris believes that Creative Writing Club is in God’s hands.

“Those who wish for a time in their day when they can slow down and reflect on their own personal life and their faith journey – come join us,” said Norris.

“And I encourage you to write people, write! It is good for the soul,” she added.


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