Who needs a fancy getaway when you have family, eh?

Vacations; everybody loves them, but not everybody can afford them. So you may be asking yourself; Mr. Reporter, how do I get around that? How can I enjoy my break from school if I’m not doing anything exciting? Well, I’m glad you asked, because you, dear reader, are about to receive my special tips on how to have an amazing staycation with your family(or friends). So what’re we waiting for? Let’s find some stuff for you to do this summer.
The first thing you should do to plan your staycation is to set some ground rules. Here are some of my ideas for this, but edit these or add your own as you see fit;

1. For instance, your family could restrict the use of electronics, such as phones, computers, or tablets.
2. Try to keep your plans within the family, or whatever group you are staycationing with.
3. Make sure your parents don’t work from home during your impromptu stay. This experience needs to be uninterrupted by stress.
4. Do all chores before the staycation, to make sure you don’t have to pause the fun in order to work around the house. To prevent needing to do this, you can use disposable dishes and silverware so you don’t have to wash dishes or do all the laundry before you begin.
The next thing you need is to decide what you’re going to do, there are many good ways to come up with ideas; you can hold a family meeting and decide, you can write down ideas and put them into a jar, pulling one out each day, or you can just wing it. There are so many good ideas on what to do, but these are some of my favorites;
1. Try paintball, laser tag, or airsoft. this is a great way to not only get some exercise, it’s also fun, exciting, and it lets you get out any tension you have in your family before the staycation begins (if your sibling upset you, make sure they are on the other team).
2. Go to a nearby National Park, go out, see nature, and just gaze at God’s great creation. This is an amazing experience that I’ve done many times, and let me tell you, it never disappoints.
3. See some movies! everybody likes the theater, so go and find out what movies are playing during your set staycation dates and decide on some to see. (but if you tell me about them after, LEAVE OUT THE SPOILERS!)
Finally, enjoy! No matter what you do, all that matters is spending time with family, or friends if you so desire. Now go out there and have the Staycation of a lifetime!

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