Who is Lion Nation Voting For?

  What do our students think about the upcoming Presidential election? 

The Mane Post recently surveyed 15 of our Junior students and 20 Seniors, who tell us where GPA’s  votes might be heading. 

The first question asked the students if they even care about the election, which was a resounding yes. We learned that 80% of the Juniors and 86% of the Seniors  said they do care about the election.

Many of the students will be of voting age by the time election season comes around and caring enough to pay attention to options is the first step to voting .     

  Now that we knew we care about the election, which candidate would our students vote for and for what party? 

  While the survey did not directly ask “Would you vote for a Republican or Democrat,” the questions were split by party and more specific: “Would you vote for President Trump or would you vote for one of the other Republican primary candidates ? 

  Based on the percentages of individual candidates, the majority of people here would vote Republican. Out of the Republican candidates, 60% of the Juniors and 68% of the Seniors chose President Trump, with 13% and 9% voting“other” and 27% and 23% “undecided”. 

  Now on the other side of the political spectrum when asked which Democratic candidate they’d vote for. Unlike the previous Republican candidate similarities between juniors and seniors, the results for “Which Democratic front-runner would you vote for” were pretty different between the two grades 

About 18% of Juniors here chose Bernie Sanders, while only 9% of Seniors chose him,  and 82% of Juniors saying they wouldn’t vote for any of them, while 54% of the Seniors said they wouldn’t vote for any of the Democratic candidates.  

  The last question on the survey is, “Do you think the president should be impeached?” 

  Most students here said they would re-elect President Trump, with 67% saying that the president shouldn’t be impeached and only 20% saying he should be impeached with 13% undecided. (shown in the graph below)

In a public poll  taken by FiveThirtyEight on December 4th 2019 consisting of 1500 adults a little less than one third were Republican, one third were Democrats and the rest were Independents the results for Impeachment are very different with support for Impeachment being in the majority with 48.5% . Which is much different than the Juniors 20%. You can see the poll in the link below https://projects.fivethirtyeight.com/impeachment-polls/?ex_cid=rrpromo

So, for the most part, these Juniors/Seniors students care about the election, and as numbers show definitely care about President Trump and hope he stays in office.

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