Junior Sierra Scala’s locker: starry lights, pen holders, hot pink carpet, white board, picture.

When you think of a locker, you usually think of a thin, metallic, floor-to-ceiling storage space that may or may not have an actual lock on it. Ironic right? But here, we pride ourselves with “better” lockers. Now what exactly does “better” mean? Well, large amounts of decorations. Decorations that range from cats, dogs, pictures of people with hearts around them (yea, it’s going there), and even chandeliers…that’s right, chandeliers.

Before continuing, what is the big deal with the lockers? Well, little grasshopper, in just the past years, we have been using the shelf system. What’s the shelf system? …It’s shelves… and you put your books on them…

The only problem, you had to trust others not to steal anything from your bag. Books and lunches would go missing without a trace. Then you buy a replacement for almost $1,000… THEN a week later… It shows back up underneath a table… Waste of money!

But! Not anymore!

With the installation of actual lockers, we are now able to protect our multi-million dollar books. However, there are a few consequences. Junior High students have had trouble to get on their stomachs to access their bottom lockers. Several High-schoolers have also banged their heads on the locker doors when getting up from their lower lockers! I bet you’re starting to wonder, “What’s the difference in decorations in elementary and high school lockers?” Well I’m glad you asked very convenient, question-asking voice in my head.

Sophomore Crew Robert’s locker: disco ball, mirror, white board.

A typical elementary locker usually includes nothing (boys) and pink carpets, mirrors, miniature whiteboards, chandeliers, and a variety of pictures of the family pets (girls). Now as for high school lockers, it gets a little better for the boys. For the boys, you can see a number of objects, from chandeliers, to disco-balls, and if you’re lucky, a few memes. As for the girls, it’s pretty much the same. Except for the increase in magnetic objects.

If there is a lesson to learn out of this, it’s probably: “Magnets will bring attention to your locker.”

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