What to do & what not to do while in high school

For some teenagers, each eight-hour day of classwork, taunting, pop-quizzes, and annoying classmates, can feel like centuries instead of years. 

Ultimately,  there comes a moment in a person’s life when they reflect on their high school experience and realize how most of the things they stressed about, were truly a waste of time. 

Think about it. Thirty years from now, is anybody really going to base all of their success on their time in high school? Probably not. But, when you are older, make sure to focus on what you gained from high school, not what you lost.  

I did gain some valuable lessons in my time here. I can see them now that I am facing my last week of high school, and looking toward graduation in a few months. 

The FIRST thing I learned in high school is to be real no matter what. Never try to be someone you’re not. Especially to impress people, because those people won’t like you for who you really are. They’ll only like you for who you pretend to be. Be friends with people who like you for you, because it’s a lot easier to be real with people rather than do extra work by wearing a mask.

The SECOND thing I learned in high school is to always analyze, but never OVER-analyze. I found myself in high school overthinking all of the time when in reality, whatever it was I was overthinking about was not that deep. However, whenever you’re forced to make a decision that could ultimately be a threat to your spirituality, health, or safety, that’s when you analyze a situation. Don’t think too much, but be smart at the same time. 

The THIRD thing I learned in high school is it is more than OKAY to be by yourself sometimes. Don’t ever feel like you need to latch onto somebody every second of every day. A lot of teenagers NEED someone by their side ALL THE TIME. Definitely surround yourself with good people, but it’s perfectly fine if you’re alone every now and then. If you can walk down the halls by yourself without feeling insecure or afraid, that shows true confidence because it displays how mature and independent you really are.

Okay, okay. I’m almost done, but there is one more thing I learned in high school that won’t just benefit high schoolers but adults as well. Put GOD first in everything and ALWAYS give him the credit and honor for your accomplishments. Without him, we wouldn’t have the blessings and talents he possessed us with. In conclusion, high school is temporary. So it’s not the end of the world if you’re not the most popular in your grade or that group of kids didn’t accept you, because at the end of the day, we all move on to bigger and better things.

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