Unraveled: Former D1 Commit finds peace within trials

This video, directed, edited, and filmed by Morgan Reynolds features Grace Prep Senior, Molly Davis. Molly, a former D1 commit and star volleyball player, reveals the pressure upon many young athletes to continue in sports they no longer truly love. Molly speaks visually centered in the screen within a box…a box of others’ desires. This represents the years molly succumbed to other’s images and desires for her life- instead of stepping out and choosing a life of her own. Ultimately, Molly, loses what she describes as a, “clutch” in the sport of volleyball when she suddenly starts struggling with health issues. Although on the surface level this may seem strictly devastating, Molly confesses it was truly a “relief”, despite trading such security and status for an uncertain future. Yet amidst the ups and downs of Molly’s life, her faith remains constant. Ultimately, Molly concludes, “I just have to trust that there will be something better to come out of these trials and uncertainty; that it will all be worth it in the end, because I know it will.”

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