This church is on fire: Go back to basics of the gospel


In many of the churches in America, the people and leadership have become lukewarm or even cold in their fire for God. This is a condition that cannot continue go unchecked because if it does, it could be disastrous for the church here.

There are several reasons that some churches are becoming colder.

English teacher and church minister Mrs. Rachel Hogan said, the biggest issue is that, “In America, as a whole, the church is in a comfortable place because people in America are in a comfortable place. The danger for the church occurs when it settles for the “good” instead of “God”. In other words, the less the church has to worry about, the less reason it has to pursue God in everything, because good can be seen as being comfortable or financially stable. Then, if the church is in such a comfortable and stable place, it doesn’t feel the need to focus on pursuing God, at least it is that way in many cases.”

The church could lose its fire when they focus more on activities offered than where God is leading them.

“Probably some of the top reasons why churches lose their fire is when they become program-driven, there is compromise or weariness in the leadership, and when motivation becomes financially driven, rather than God driven,” said Hogan.

If churches focus on the programs rather than the reason for the programs, the leadership of the church can suffer from lack of conviction or compromise with secular views, and the leadership can be more concerned with its’ next paycheck than its’ church’s spiritual condition.

There is good news though. Plenty of churches are on fire for God. The community and leadership are leading lives “on fire” for God and His will. Churches such as these are constantly contending for Revival in, not only the church, but America as a whole.

With churches such as these, the American church is on the brink of revival. If we truly have a heart for God, then we too will want to see America as a truly Christian nation, seeking out the will of God first and foremost.

A revival in the church can be easily accomplished. All we have to do is go back to the basics, as many churches have done.

The basics that founded the church on Jesus’ teaching and His resurrection.

Also important is for all of us, is to be in prayer for such a revival, because God does listen to our prayers.

Overall, yes, many churches in America have grown cold but there are probably just as many on fire for Him. There is always hope for revival and I believe that such revival will occur within our lifetime.

As the church becomes more passionate for revival, revival becomes more and more inevitable, even in the coldest parts of the American church.

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