Think twice before getting your mom a puppy for Christmas

If you’re thinking about getting a pet for someone this Christmas, you might want to think twice.
I remember the first time our family got a pet. My sister and I decided we wanted to get something special for mom on Mother’s Day.
That special thing was a border collie we named Jackie that was meant to be a surprise for Mother’s Day. He is one of the reasons why our family had to renovate most of our house.
I was about 9 years old and my sister was about 8. Although we never agreed on a lot of things, we agreed on this one. Of course our dad would be involved in getting a puppy. Dad is always open to new things. But our mom……..not so much.
When Mother’s Day finally came, my sister, my dad and I snuck off to look for the perfect dog without letting mom know. When we got to the kennel, all the puppys looked so clean and proper, but when we saw the fuzzy little puppy sitting by himself, we knew he was the one.
On our way home with the new puppy, I was a little anxious about mom’s reaction. ivana puppy
“How could you get a dog without having a family meeting?!” Screamed mom.
After that things escalated quickly. We now had to sit through a talk about how getting a puppy is like getting a baby. I’ll be honest, after that lecture, I kind of felt guilty for not letting mom know.
Guilt didn’t last long, because me and my sister HAD A PUPPY!
We loved Jackie! (For the first month that is), until the damaging began.
Jackie destroyed the pillows, our couch, causing potholes in our back yard, scratching on the walls, chewing on our carpet and going to the bathroom everywhere!
About the second month of having him, we could see why mom was so mad at.Jackie.
He chewed on everything, but when Jackie chewed on the new vacuum, mom was so mad she looked like her head could explode!
Maybe the fact that Jackie was a herding dog was the reason why he destroyed everything. It also could have been the fact that our family was not an active family. These might have also contributed to why Jackie was such a problem.
It was like yin and yang: Jackie and us.
Eventually our mom made us give Jackie away and it was hard on everyone except of course, MOM!
To this day, we still have scratches on the walls that Jackie left for us to reminisce over; the time we got our first puppy.
Even though it seemed like Jackie was all trouble, I think he gave my family a reality check that we needed to be more active. After he left, it felt like something was missing.
Getting a puppy showed my family that not everything was rainbows and butterflies, we appreciate something more when we work hard, and spend time on it.
I also learned that if our family ever gets a dog, next time, we will get an older, smaller one.

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