The Start of Something New

By Kensley Walters

“Breathe in, breathe out” 

Senior Trinity Hansen said to herself as she led her small team onto the football field with hundreds of eyes watching her team of four dressed in blue with white hats and cowboy boots. 

This year, Grace Prep introduced its very first drill team to its family of sports. Drill team is an original Texas sport! The American Drill Team was founded in 1958 in Greenville, Texas, but to us, it’s brand new. 

Hansen was on her previous school’s drill team, which is where she got the idea to form one here. Her desire for starting this club, came from a genuine place of wanting the school to be exposed to brand new things!

“I basically approached the idea of a drill team to Mr. Harper and Mrs. Crosier. I planned everything from where we would order our uniforms to when we would practice.” Trinity explained.

Trinity’s main motivation for starting a drill team at Grace Prep was to bring something fresh and new to the school that students would enjoy. 

 “I wanted our school to have more team spirit at sporting events and I thought it would be something that everyone would enjoy,” said Hansen.

 The school’s students and faculty promote the team as much as they can. However, Team sponsor Holly Toulouse has been the team’s top supporter. 

“I think the team is doing really well for its very first season having just started the club,” said Mrs. Toulouse. “The girls are very dedicated to making this happen and they have put in the work to bring it to fruition.”

Her daughter, Sophomore Kate Toulouse is also very optimistic when it comes to the fate of the team. 

“My hope for drill team is to hopefully compete in TAPPS competitions in the next year or two,” said Kate, “I enjoy the lasting friendship drill team creates between girls who share a common interest.”

In order to achieve these goals, it’s extremely important to have a great leader to guide the team to victory. 

Senior Caitlyn Blesi says, “Trinity expresses everything clearly so everyone knows what they’re doing.” 

“Since Caitlyn and I manage the football team, I knew it would be difficult to tackle both tasks,” said Junior Layla Holsten, “but, Trinity was very understanding with our situation and made it easy for us to do both. She’s a very easy person to work with.” 

After the seniors leave, it’s up to the rest of the team to put their plan into action. With more team members, positive ideas, and beneficial support, the drill team is guaranteed to be a wonderful addition to Grace Prep’s family of sports. This may just be the start of a very successful future.

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