The Rohingya People Bleed and for Them I Do too

In Bangladesh, over 1,000 Rohingya refugees swarm towards a truck filled with private rice donations. Photo by Greg Constantine


Myanmar has become the scene of a massacre.

Fire. Guns. Refugees. Death.

Hope for humanity seems dim in the eyes of the Rohingya people, the group upon which Myanmar has chosen to prey.

Ethnic tensions have always been present between the two groups. However, no amount of bad blood can justify the actions of the Myanmar government.

They have turned to scorched earth tactics to drive out the Rohingya people. Brutally burning down entire villages, killing hundreds and leaving almost half a million to flee for their lives.

The United Nations have declared this an ethnic cleansing and condemned the actions of Myanmar.

They have broken every moral, every natural humanitarian standard. They have spared no one, murdering women, men and children alike.

Over half a million refugees have been left displaced. Many have fled to Bangladesh and are in dire conditions. They face the grave dangers of starvation and disease.

These people, having just escaped the cusp of death are now sitting on the edge of it.

It is now the duty of the world, each of us included, to take up the mantle of justice and bring aid to these anguished souls.

Take action.

Get involved.


In any way possible we as a generation, as fellow human being must not sit stagnant. Research ways to help, ways to bring hope, aid.

Where to Donate:

For more information on the situation in Myanmar and how to help go to :

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