The NEW Grinch did not steal this heart.

Based on the beloved book, by Dr. Seuss, the new and latest Christmas movie, The Grinch, hit the movies on November 9th of this year. While How The Grinch Stole Christmas from the 2000 film is mean and cruel, the new and latest Grinch is a lot friendlier and not as hateful. Benedict Cumberbatch, plays the voice of the Grinch with a softer and kinder voice than the Grinch from the film in 2000.

As a fan of the film the Grinch from the 2000s, I would not recommend watching the new and latest Grinch if you are over the age of 13. This is because it seems meant for small children. Another reason I wouldn’t recommend it, is because the Grinch seems a lot nicer and caring than he should be, taking away all that makes him the Grinch in the first place.
I would suggest The Grinch for a younger crowd and not for teens and up. In this new film, the Grinch is even nice to the Whos in the first place.

One thing that was good about this version, is the animated graphics of the movie. The animated graphics of the movie, like all Illumination movies, were very thoughtful, well done, and easy to watch.

This Grinch really is different. It even has an added plot line. In this version, Cindy Lou Who, played by 11-year-old Cameron Seely, is trying to get to the North Pole and find Santa to thank him for his help at Christmas. You will have to see the film to see if she succeeds or if the Grinch stops her.

This movie is showing widely in theaters now. Its running time is one hour and 45 minutes.

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