The Japanese Tea Garden Experience

When you

picture San Antonio you may visualize the River Walk, SeaWorld, and Fiesta Texas.  For my mother and me, it’s a tradition for us to go to San Antonio every summer

Photo By: Makayla Lockard
Photo By: Makayla Lockard

together and visit the popular tourist attractions.  However, this summer was going to be different.

This year my mother and I went to the Japanese Tea Garden while we were in San Antonio.  We were able to see some amazing plants and structures while drinking down some delicious tea from their very own, Jingu House.

The garden was named after Kimi Enzo Jingu, a Japanese-American artist, and his family. Jingu created the Bamboo room in the garden for visitors to enjoy a nice meal.  Once he died, his family then took over the restaurant. Sadly, they were later evicted during World War II due to anti-Japanese sentiment.

Their restaurant officially opened in 2011.  Serving stir fry, salads, sandwiches, wraps, sushi, chips, and of course tea, they are open from 10am to 5pm every day of the week.  I, however did not get a chance to taste their food. Instead, I purchased a mint tea which was absolutely splendid on a hot summer day especially.

The Japanese Tea Garden also has a set list of days where jazz performers will come out to play in the Jingu House for visitors.

Photo By: Makayla Lockard

The garden is free, just walk right in and enjoy!

There are so many vibrant colors surrounding you, all the plants green and alive.  It’s a beautiful sight no doubt. You will find koi fish swimming about in the lily ponds, so many of them all different.  Walking deeper into the garden, are walkways, huge waterfalls, a variety of flowers, and more. This would be the perfect

Photo By: Makayla Lockard

place to take some wonderful photos and maybe get some photography practice in.

So the next time you visit San Antonio, go to the Japanese Tea Garden for an experience you won’t regret!

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