Despite cold, wet windy weather, thousands of people attended the prayer revival for our nation at the Lincoln Memorial last month.

Teacher helps host national prayer event in DC

Despite cold, wet windy weather, thousands of people attended the prayer revival for our nation at the Lincoln Memorial last month.
Despite cold, wet windy weather, thousands of people attended the prayer revival for our nation at the Lincoln Memorial last month.

Project DC 16 was impeded by rain, winds, snow, and sleet. Yet, the skies could not stop thousands of zealous prayer warriors from honoring God in their request for a spiritually revived nation.
God has heard the prayers of Americans across the nation, as proved through this story as it unfolds.
English Teacher Rachel Hogan and her husband Lewis Hogan organized and held this prayer revival, dubbed United Cry DC 16, on April 9th at the Lincoln Memorial in Washington DC.
The event would not have been possible without God intervening in miraculous ways from affecting finances to weather.
“We were still in need of finances the week we got there, so we decided that we weren’t going to be able to move forward if we did not get the necessary funds,” said Mrs. Hogan. “I asked the group ‘can we just pray about it?’, and we asked God for what we needed and started praising him. By our third praise, Mr. Hogan had received a text that $75,000 had been wired to our account from a source not connected with United Cry. After continual prayer, we had reached our goal after receiving $25,000 more.”
Despite clear weather during the days preceding the event, dangerous micro burst winds threatened the future of the project.
“The Parks Department told us that we couldn’t hold the event unless the winds died down, so we prayed, and the winds calmed down just in time,” said Mrs. Hogan.
People attending the event experienced the coldest, wettest, nastiest weather they had experienced in weeks, yet people still came to the outdoor event anyway.
According to the Parks Department, between 5,000-7,000 people attended.
“It was very intense, but people still came and crammed into the tents,” said Mrs. Hogan. “We prayed anyway. People got to see what the body of Christ looks like; we stand in a tough place, and do not move.”
The Holy Spirit honored their faithfulness by working in the midst of a situation that was not ideal.
Anne Graham Lotz, famous evangelist Billy Graham’s daughter, was among the many esteemed speakers at the event who had felt God move in a big way.
“Anne asked God ‘What’s with this weather?’, and God responded by asking her how serious she was about this whole prayer meeting,” said Mrs. Hogan. “She was encouraged after being reminded of Ezra, the Biblical priest who had held a prayer meeting in the rain. Anne is a distinguished lady, and even though she was gully washed right before she got up to speak, she still called people to repentance.”

A powerful racial reconciliation also took place on the same steps that Martin Luther King Jr. had once given his famous “I Have a Dream” speech. The reconciliation included a speech, as well as a foot washing ceremony between a descendant of a slave and a descendant of a slave owner that was reminiscent of the powerful scriptural moment when Jesus washed his disciple’s feet.

Revival is here, according to news stories popping up across America in newspapers and magazines, but most of all, in the hearts of many Americans.

“Please know that DC16 is not responsible for that, God is, but DC16 is a tool that pastors are using to spread the word in their communities about the gospel,” said Rachel Hogan.

United Cry is the organization created by the Hogans which hosted the DC prayer event. This organization seeks to return America to the God who prospered it. More information about it can be found at

Through United Cry, respected teacher Mrs. Hogan and her husband have experienced the DC16 event, a gathering of pastors from across the nation to pray for revival for our country.
Although DC16, which took place on April 9th at the Lincoln Memorial has come to a close, it has not failed to leave a profound impact on the lives of many.

It has been a growing experience for everyone who was involved, including Mrs. Hogan.

“I have learned that I can do things that I did not know I could do,” said Mrs. Hogan. “For instance, I became a stage manager because I had to get people up to speak. I also learned that God’s plans are not always our plans and I saw how God brings people together.”

Pastors who have participated in the event are carrying on the message of repentance in their respective local congregations.

The future of United Cry will involve the continuation of facilitating networks that go beyond denominational and racial lines.

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