Senior and Junior English Teacher Rachel Hogan and Husband, Lewis Hogan are Co-Founders of United Cry, a foundation asking pastors across the nation to gather and pray for our country April 9th.

Teacher and husband found United Cry DC16: a call to America’s pastors to gather to pray in D.C. this spring

Lewis and Rachel Hogan (middle) met with Ted and Heidi Cruz and others at a prayer meeting in late December.
Lewis and Rachel Hogan (middle) met with Ted and Heidi Cruz and others at a prayer meeting in late December.

Soft-spoken, diligent English teacher, Rachel Hogan and her husband Lewis Hogan, are playing a crucial role in a movement that is taking place in our nation this spring.

On weekdays, this witty, well-respected GPA parent of Seventh Grader Jonathan Hogan, and two GPA Graduates, Joshua and Jacob Hogan, teaches Junior AP English, Junior English, and Senior AP English here. Yet, to the astonishment of her students, she and her spouse fly to cities across the nation on weekends, appearing on television, meeting and praying with people like Republican Presidential Candidate Ted Cruz (Cruz’s father, Rafael Cruz, just so happens to be part of the Hogan’s “United Cry” steering committee).

In Mid January, Lewis Hogan appeared on
In Mid January, Lewis Hogan appeared on The 700 Club to discuss United Cry DC16. Rachel Hogan accompanied him on this trip.

In 2012, the Hogans founded the non-profit United Cry, an institution that seeks revival among Christians in America. After over 20 years of involvement in multiple roles of the church, including youth pastor, senior pastor, and church planters, the Hogans developed United Cry and were working on it part-time, when they were approached by a foundation who was willing to fund the project, and advised the couple to work for United Cry full time. This was a dream come true for them.

On April 9th, 2016, the group will be hosting an extraordinary event at the Lincoln Memorial in Washington D.C.; a gathering expected to be of about 30,000 pastors from around the country, will come to pray for our nation.

“One of the challenges for the pastors and Christian leaders, is for them to pledge to pray for governmental leaders, not based on whether they agree with their politics, but because God tells us to do so,” said Lewis Hogan.

This revival, dubbed “DC16”, was conceived with one main purpose in mind; to unite American believers in fellowship under Jesus Christ and to harmonize our separated country.

The verse that encouraged the conception of DC16 is 1 Timothy 2:1-2, which expresses the following: “I urge, then, first of all, that petitions, prayers, intercession and thanksgiving be made for all people— for kings and all those in authority, that we may live peaceful and quiet lives in all godliness and holiness.”

Lewis Hogan believes that praying for our leaders is especially important right now, because it is an election year, “which will bring great change to our nation.”

Grading and editing English papers isn’t all Mrs. Hogan does these days. As Co-Founder of United Cry, her extensive involvement in the program includes writing weekly blogs and prayer guides that are sent to churches all over the U.S., editing communications that go out from press releases, and traveling with her husband during the weekends.

She believes that God allows her to pursue both of her goals.

“The Lord gives you Grace for what he calls you to do,” said Rachel Hogan. “My day starts at 6 a.m. and I’m usually either working on school or the DC16 event until late at night. I love teaching, but I’m also passionate about prayer, upholding life, and seeing righteous leaders in place, so I have great joy in what I do.”

A wide array of brothers and sisters in Christ with all kinds of different backgrounds and testimonies will join together and share how God has worked through their lives. Some of the diverse speakers included in this 7-hour prayer-for-our-nation event are George Wood, Ronnie Floyd, Anne Graham Lotz, Harry Jackson, Jim Garlow, Sammy Rodriguez, and Doug Stringer.

According to a United Cry DC16 press release, this gathering will ask God for forgiveness, blessing and spiritual awakening in America, and declare the United States is, “One Nation, Under God.”

The setting of this meeting was chosen wisely and with purpose, according to Lewis Hogan. The famous “I Have a Dream” speech by Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. was delivered at the Lincoln Memorial. It is a gathering place for our nation.

Joining in a community of believers is fundamental to Christian faith and spiritual growth. The Hogan family clearly understands this, and their organization seeks a return to a community that is akin to the early church described in Bible. For example, Acts 2:44 states that “All the believers were together and had everything in common.”

America is getting ready for a change of pace due to the upcoming presidential election, so unity is important now.

“There is so much division in our nation right now- Political, racial, cultural, and even in the church,” said Lewis Hogan. “We are partnering with ‘United in Purpose’ from California. They will provide resources to every pastor who attends, so that we can unite through prayer and cultural engagement.”

Why is this event focused specifically on pastors?

“Pastors have a very important role in our nation,” said Lewis Hogan. “They are called to be shepherds and have many demands on their schedule. In the history of our nation, pastors have played key roles in times of crisis.”

Lewis Hogan points out pastors who made an impact on our nation’s history. For instance, Jonathan Edwards and George Whitefield brought about the first Great Awakening that led to the United States of America being formed, and Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. led the civil rights movement.

Ultimately, United Cry hopes to make our pastors into strong spiritual leaders. Pastors will be able to take the DC16 experience back to their congregations and daily lives with resources and connections that go across denominational, racial, and generational lines.

United Cry will not be left dormant after this major event, and already has an approach as to how they will move their ministry forward.

“We will work with the different pastors’ networks to connect them with the resources and networks in areas of prayer, life ministries, and cultural engagement,” said Rachel Hogan. “We will act as a clearinghouse and connector among ministries. We have other gatherings and events we are involved in beyond April 9, just not at the same level of oversight.”

Even though the Hogan family intends to enhance the spiritual well-being of those around them, God has left a significant impression on the family itself.

“I have seen incredible miracles take place as God has provided for us on this journey of faith,” said Rachel Hogan. “I have had opportunity to meet men and women who love the Lord and love this nation. I have seen how prayer makes a difference in practical ways. I have heard amazing stories of men and women who have made courageous stands.”

Zealous Christians like the Hogan family are helping the church remember what it looks like to be in communion with one another. The Hogans are truly “servants of the servants of God” who take no credit.

“I have seen how a dream grows into a reality because of the goodness of God,” said Rachel Hogan.

To watch Lewis Hogan’s television interview, go to If you would like to learn more about United Cry and the DC16 event, please visit

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