Taylor Swift’s Reputation concert tour is a must-see

Though the tickets are pricey, fans from around the world go to see her extravagant performances. This is why Taylor Swift added one more day to her appearance at the AT&T Stadium in October. Her tour promoting “Reputation”, which sold about 1.216 million copies the first week, was a hit.

Swift’s performance is beyond incredible; a concert you would not want to miss!

In traditional Swift form, she had a total of three stages in order to get closer to her screaming fans.

(Photo by Makayla Lockard) Taylor Swift started out her electrifying show here on the main stage singing to all her adoring fans, bathed in a red glow. She traveled to three different stages throughout AT&T Stadium so all fans could have a better view.

She tended to move around a lot throughout the concert. At AT&T stadium, she had multiple screens, including a huge one hung above everyone for those who were seated in the nose-bleeds.

The set went from basic to intense. The opening acts gave fans a low-key set compared to the main act; Swift, herself.

Throughout the concert, pieces were both added and removed from each stage. In one act, she was surrounded by dancers all moving around a large fountain. This really energized the crowd.

Her most shining moment was when giant blow-up snakes surrounded her as she sang. To top it all off, she had fireworks on each side of the stage to add to the intensity of songs such as “I Did Something Bad.”

Swift went from stage to stage in the air on a platform which gave the fans a closer look at the tall, talented blonde star.

As she performed, she walked across the sea of people as an aisle was made way in order for her to get to the third stage, making them happier than ever to meet her face to face.

Swift made sure to up the concert game, and have quite a few back up dancers the entire show to enhance the experience. oo

(Photo by Makayla Lockard) Back up singers and dancers follow Swift on stage to enhance the depth of her show. Fans were never bored.

Each song provided a different routine and a different piece of clothing being added. She changed about eight times total. The colors for this year’s concert seemed to be in a darker range considering her album is based off of the way the world views her, this made sense.

In past years, Swift seemed to go with bright vibrant colors for her clothing but this year was definitely a turn around. Gone from good ole’ country star to ready-for-action pop sensation, Taylor has definitely made a name for herself.

Although Swift is thriving in the pop music world, she still manages to give her audience a blast from the past with some oldies but goodies, or all time favorites of hers from her country days. Swift played, “White Horse” at our specific concert, in addition to songs, “Love Story,” and “Should’ve Said No” to name a few. Bringing out her guitar for some of these hits brought back good memories of younger days.

Having a rocking song list of 24, Swift sang fourteen of fifteen songs from hit “Reputation” album. Starting with the song, “….Ready For It?” and ending with “This Is Why We Can’t Have Nice Things.”

Swift’s performance was beyond incredible, a concert you would not want to miss!

Who other than Taylor Swift than to add in some special surprise celebrity guests. On the night of October 5th at AT&T stadium, the added day for the “Reputation” tour, Taylor brought along, Marren Morris to sing hit song “The Middle,” with her.

At previous concerts, she brought artists such as Niall Horan, Selena Gomez, and Shawn Mendes.

Photo By: Makayla Lockard

Swift got the audience involved visually by providing flashing bracelets to the whole crowd. The bracelets would light up to each song in sync with with the rhythm of the music, giving an incredible energizing feeling of unity. The fans could literally see just how many people were there to support their idol. Swift’s concert was one not easily forgotten .

Being one of the last stops for Taylor’s American side of the tour was pretty great because Arlington would be remembered as the last and best crowd of Taylor’s tour. I can’t wait to see what she has in store for us next!

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