Students here enjoy safe “battlefield” of Airsoft games

Sophomores Bradley Scott, Amanda Swanbert, Crew Roberts, Grant Chalette, and Dylan Beeson prove that playing airsoft is more fun with your friends.

Have you ever wanted to simulate actual military combat? Ever wanted to play Call of Duty in real life? If you answered yes to one of these questions, then airsoft might be for you.
A team of airsoft players from here enjoy playing other teams on the weekends. Airsoft is a world-renowned sport where you shoot harmless plastic BB’s at other opponents.
In playing this sport for 2 years now, I have learned that it involves teamwork, coordination, honor, and a good attitude.

Players typically spend between $100 to $500 dollars on a gun and gear alone, to sweep away the competition.

An avid airsoft player here said, “I have spent close to $1000 dollars to be ahead of the game.”
Airsoft also teaches you to have coordination and teamwork.

“Airsoft creates teamwork between people you don’t even know.” said Sophomore Riley Wambsganss.

There are also park rules and regulations that airsoft parks put in place for players personal safety.
A few rules players must follow, are to wear full face masks, wear goggles in live fire zones, and have your weapon tested. Airsoft parks have different rules ad vary between parks.

Another step in preparing for the event is to make sure you have all your required safety equipment and weapons. Safety equipment includes full seal goggles, face mask to protect your teeth and other features below your eyes, and a dead rag (symbolizes that you have been hit by a BB). Make sure you also charge your weapon’s battery, have extra ammo, or CO2 cartridges, depending on your weapon.

An airsoft park referee at Fun on the Run Airsoft Park said in an interview,
“A kid almost lost and eye when he took off his goggles during a game.”

Now, with safety equipment out of the way, let’s move right along to actual combat. When you’re out in the field getting shot at and have no idea what you’re doing, let this serve as a guide.
Before a match begins, a referee will assign you to a team. Next, he will begin the match by blowing a whistle or yelling “game start.”

The first thing to do is to run for the closest cover. From this location, recon the area looking for enemies. Then you will want to move around the map trying to shoot the enemies you observed during the first phase of recon.

If you want to, you can develop your own way of playing that benefits your playing style. After a certain amount of time, the referee will end the game and you switch sides on the field.
Playing this game will give any player a huge adrenaline rush. Your heart rate will skyrocket when you’re getting shot at when you’re returning fire. There is also a great feeling of relief when you finally hit the guy you have been shooting at.

A professional airsoft player said, “I love the feeling you get as you take out a big group of enemies.”

If you are interested in this sport, go give it a try at Fun on the Run Airsoft and Paintball Park in Fort Worth.

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