Student experiences 30 days of heartwork

Life is hard.
That’s it.
It’s something we all are aware of.

Difficulties are something we all face at times.

Why purposely put ourselves in uncomfortable situations?  That is a question I’d like to answer.

My challenge I am embracing now, is a “dare” I would like to introduce to my classmates to, and maybe they will also consider accepting.

It’s summer after all, so what do you have to lose?
The program is called “30 Days of Heartwork” on the Holy Bible Life.Church free Bible App, hosted by an organization called Heartwork, who “teaches students the joy of spending themselves for others” at .

This is based off of Isaiah 58:10.
I get it. It sounds cheesy or something extra to have to do. In reality, the Lord has been showing me things about myself that I did not even know with this plan.

I just recently started this plan, I haven’t done all 30 days, but here’s what I got: How this works, is there is a reading assignment (devotional) and an action to take along with it. Most days, I am not looking forward to the action (being honest) because it does call you out of your comfort zone!
Remembering the Lord doesn’t call us to be comfortable here, He cares more about our character.

The app reading plan says, “Self-focus which is so common in our generation leads to darkness rather than fulfillment…When we begin to invest the resources of our lives into others, the way God has invested himself for us, the light that we crave begins to shine!”

The study is all about spending yourself. To truly lose yourself!

I have prayed and pleaded, especially now, that my peers can see more of Jesus in me than Jaydin.
That is what the Lord desires for all of us.

“When we spend ourselves, we experience freedom and we humbly participate in bringing freedom to others. We call this destiny rescuing destiny,” the app reads.

The first day I was challenged to pray for at least 5 minutes for people.I thought well, I say I love people…but I don’t pray for them. I don’t find myself being persistent in prayer for people at Grace Prep, my neighborhood, or around the world.

Wake-up call #1.

The following day the verses read are 1 John 3:16-18, talking about how God’s son walked this earth and willingly laid down his life for his enemies:
For the people who mocked him…the ones who spit in his face…the ones who stood in the crowd, yelling for his blood to be spilled on the unholy ground.

He encourages us to love not only in tongue, but in actions and truth.

I had to make a list of a few ways that my time, energy and money may being spent on things that hinder me from laying down my life for others.

Oh goodness…How selfish am I?

Truly! I am so far from perfect; so far.
Realizing how great the Father is, and how truly not I am in comparison…GUYS!

The Lord romances after us.

My time is full of things that I enjoy…not a bad thing, but too much of it can be.

I’m learning how an unselfish life brings the most glory to our God. After all, he is the one who deserves it the most…
I challenge you all to pray about this subject. This challenge does sting, because sin being exposed is hard, but my friends, it is good!

The challenge on this app helps us learn about letting go, like in these challenges and more, like sleeping on a hard floor, giving up warm showers; identity (who Christ says we are), compassion (caring selflessly about others) and mission (which includes a fundraising effort on our part to give to a mission of our choice).

None of this is easy, and may be outside of our normal routine, but it will be worth it!

What will God do for you or teach you as you take on this dare?

For more information, you should download the free Bible app, and go to

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