Student athletes season stolen by Corona, yet still find a way to play

Over these past few weeks many lives are changing.  Coronavirus is affecting many people no matter what their age. 

All of our high school athletes have lost their spring season. This is especially tough for seniors, and all recruiting has been suspended. Advice from the pros, is to get to know coaches to where you want to go.

Junior Conner Kinney, a baseball player here, was only a few games into his season before his season  came to an abrupt stop. He is trying to stay positive and active.

“It is unfortunate but I can’t control this situation, yet I need to get prepared for next season and improve over the off season,” said Kinney. “Also preparing myself mentally to perform successfully on and off the field.” 

Kinney has worked very hard all his years playing baseball and is not going to let this pause stop him from fulfilling his dream to play college baseball.

Not being able to practice and come together as a team because of the situation is tough but the baseball team still finds a way to stay connected. 

Kinney says, “the team zooms twice a week to talk about workouts and do Bible studies to stay connected with God.” 

Staying connected with both baseball and God, players believe will help prepare the team for next year.

Luke Porter, a senior, plays golf for the lions. He was able to compete in two tournaments and several weeks of practice before he lost his last season due to the outbreak right before regional qualifiers.

Senior Luke Porter played in tow tournaments before his golf season was over this year.

“ I am sad to lose my last season; it ended before it even started, but the thing is I will have this skill to use in the future,” said Porter.  “Also getting to play with my friends and enjoy the sport was an awesome experience.”

Many high school student athletes were affected around the world, but these are just a few stories from some local athletes.

All our athletes can agree that we should just pray for the end of this virus and to bring back life to normal.

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