Stop: New Sign Installed

Grace Prep junior, Holton Hester was recently involved in an auto accident while leaving school campus.

“I looked left and right, and saw a car coming- I assumed it was turning right into the school so I pulled in front of it”, said Hester, “by the time I slowed down the car crashed right into me, it was my fault, but I would like to put a stop sign at that intersection.”

No members of the crash were injured however, the accident raised substantial debate over whether or not students are required to stop before turning left onto the access highway.

Grace Prep’s primary source on traffic control, Sergeant Gary released information shortly after the accident urging students and parents to drive safely and remember to stop and look both ways before entering the access highway.

Citing Texas Transportation Code (TRANSP § 545.155: Vehicle Entering Highway from Private Road or Driveway); “An operator about to enter or cross a highway from an alley, building, or private road or driveway shall yield the right-of-way to a vehicle approaching on the highway to be entered.”

While this law does not indicate a full stop is always necessary, it does emphasize that each student must clear the roadway before exiting and turning left.

“I wasn’t really sure that it was state law, I just thought it was common sense” said Senior, Carson Pinon upon being informed of this information.
Like Carson, four other of the six students polled confessed they were not aware that it was state law.

However, many did express a common sentiment in that they usually stopped naturally to clear and look before turning left.

As of Monday, December 2, Grace Prep now has a stop sign posted before the exit of campus. Many students argue this will cause backup and inefficiency during school drop off and pick up times.
However, the argument for campus safety remains.

Dean, Phil Smith addresses the issue, “After the second speed bump as people are starting to go towards the exit, we tend to have students in particular speed up and not look as they turn to the left.”

Now, with the new stop sign in place the hope is that students, as well as parents, will be protected from any accidents and be encouraged to slow down and drive safer!

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