The Mane Post Superbowl Twitter Poll Results

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The results are in. According to The Mane Post Twitter poll, garnishing 22 votes, your favorite part of the Super Bowl is the food and hanging out (36%), followed closely by the game (32%), Commercials coming in third with 27% and half time only ranked 5%.

Apprently our twitter voters know their shoes, because voters were VERY accurate with their prediction of the color of Beyonce’s shoes. The winner being sparkly metallic at 67% of the votes, followed by black at 22% means that 89% of voters were right! Her shoes were both black and gold! Sorry brown sneakers, although oddly gaining 11% of the vote, and pink only 6%.

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1 thought on “The Mane Post Superbowl Twitter Poll Results

  1. Favorite Part: Commercials
    Beyonce’s shoes: Metallic
    Who will win? Panthers by 13
    How many times show cheerleaders? 16

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