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Smudged Words: Intro to the writer

Ester Zahaj, a junior in high school is contributing her poetry to The Mane Post this year. She lives right where the Adriatic and Ionian Seas meet in Vlore, Albania.

Hello students, parents, teachers and whomever reads The Mane Post. My name is Ester Zahaj and I’m a junior in high school. I’m from Vlorë, Albania, a country in southeastern Europe. I’m happy to create this blog called “Smudged Words” for The Mane Post.

I come from a family where both my father and brother are into music so the idea of writing came to me first by being in their company. Wanting to be their song writer, soon I developed my passion for writing. From then until now I have continued writing in hopes that someday my poems/songs would get recognized. And like a gift from God, they sure did, and by one of your amazing teachers, Mrs.Stephanie Hall.

My poems mostly are about a teenager’s life. As someone who is part of today’s generation, I feel the need to show people everywhere what today’s kids are really like. I hope you enjoy and I’m waiting on your feedback.

Have a nice day! Or as Albanians say it: Kalofshi një ditë të bukur!!


An added note from Stephanie Hall: I had the pleasure of meeting Ester and her friends this summer working with CRU to host an English camp. Quickly, I learned of this country’s incredible people, who are so bright and full of joy. Ester and her friends soon understood that God loves them, and has a wonderful plan for them.  Ester is a gifted writer, who speaks many languages, including her native language, but as it has no rhyming words, she writes her poetry only in English. I learned quickly that she had little outlet for her work, and am excited to bring her “Smudged Words” blog to you. It reminds us all that we have a great commission, and a whole lot in common. Check the “blogs” tab to read her work. More will be added soon.    Faleminderit (Thank you) for reading it.

-Mrs. Hall



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