Quinton Browder signing his letter of intend to play at Oklahoma Baptist on February 7th.

 Signing Day

                Grace Prep has had eleven athletes to sign to play college sports this year. Signing Day at Grace Prep is a big event during Roar, where soon to be collegiate athletes sign their letters of intent to play at the college they have decided on.                                       

                Defensive Back, DJ Oats, has signed to play at Colorado University, while senior safety, Kam Stokes is deciding between Rice and University of Memphis. Wide receiver, Matthew Tucker has signed to play Wheaton University and Middle linebacker, Quinton Browder has signed to play at Oklahoma Baptist.

Quinton Browder signing his letter of intend to play at Oklahoma Baptist on February 7th.

                “Grace Prep football has taught me to be a better person, and a man of God,” said Oats.

                “I am looking forward to working hard each and every day at Colorado and achieving my dreams of going to the NFL.”

                “I chose Colorado because of the love and support that they had showed and they were the first school who took a chance on me,” said Oats.

                “Grace Prep athletics has taught me a lot in the past two years,” said Browder

                “The main ones being discipline, teamwork, and effort.”

                “I chose Oklahoma Baptist because the coaching staff is amazing and I feel like they really wanted me to be a part of their program.”

                “I’m looking forward to being a part of a college team, it’s always been a dream of mine to play college football and it’s finally becoming a reality,” said Browder.

                “I chose Wheaton because they showed the most interest and it felt like home,” said Tucker.

                “I’m looking forward to just being on a college football field because it’s something I’ve always dreamed of as a kid,”

                 ”First, I look for my major, a solid football team with a great coach, and a good location, because I want to be comfortable where I’m living,” states Stokes.

            Grace Prep’s model of Monday, Wednesday, Friday, classes does help prepare here on how to manage their time in and out of class.   

“I am a big procrastinator but I do feel like Grace Prep has prepared me enough to do well in a college environment and focus on the task at hand,” said Stokes.

Seniors Clayton Phillips, Jaimie Mendoza, and Josh Peterson have all signed to play baseball at the next level. Pitcher and 1st baseman, Clayton Phillips has signed to play baseball at Ecclesia University.

Clayton Phillips, Jaimie Mendoza, and Josh Peterson signing lettrs of intents on April 12th. Photo by Vince Gonzales

                “Grace Prep baseball has taught me how to be a team player and play for your team and not yourself,” states Phillips.  

                “I chose Ecclesia because I want to compete for a starting spot, have the college experience, and to get a good education,” says Philips.

Shortstop Jaimie Mendoza, has signed to play baseball at SAGU.

                “Grace Prep baseball has taught me to be a leader and to uplift my team when we we’re down runs,” says Mendoza.

                “The main thing I’m looking forward to at SAGU is baseball, but more about the college experience.”

                “I chose SAGU because the university is close to home, which means my family can watch me play at home games, and because this university has a great campus and it fits me,” says Mendoza.

                Second baseman Josh Peterson, has also signed to play baseball at SAGU.

                “Grace Prep baseball has taught me to work hard and do what’s best for the team, even if it’s not the position you want to play,” says Peterson.

                “I chose SAGU because the coaching staff looks at hard workers rather than just size.” 

                As we have had an outstanding year in athletics, there are big things to come in the upcoming years.

Jada Anthony-Johnson- Bethel University Basketball

Maci Page- Dallas Baptist University Cheer

Noah Flynn- Saint Edwards Univeristy

Claire Bullington- North Alabama 0079

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