Could this be the very first selfie stick seen in this photo from the 1920’s?

Selfie inflicted harm is more common than you think

Each year, more people die from taking selfies than from shark attacks.

This ASTONISHING fact is just one of many issues selfies have recently brought to the table.
Okay, Most young people, even me, might be a LITTLE guilty of partaking in the fad every once in a while, but come on… who can blame us?

When we are sitting in a rocking chair in 60 years, and eating creamed-corn for every meal, I’m going to want to look back at pictures of myself in my prime… right??

Selfies taken in moderation are harmless ways to document adventures with friends, vacations with the family, and good hair days.

What happens when the normally innocent selfies are taken to the extreme? Well, people can die.
How does this happen? That’s the question of the day. ‘‘

Taking selfies on train tracks is a dangerous phenomenon. Bottom line, stay off the railroad tracks, but there are other ways to hurt ourselves taking selfies.

“It’s true,” said Junior Josh Holm. “People will take pictures at the Grand Canyon and fall into the canyon.”

Unfortunately, this is a true fact. There have been a few deaths caused this way. Please. Be. Careful!
Rawhide, a non-profit organization which aids at-risk youth, conducted research on selfie-taking and found the following information:
-There are 100 selfies posted to Instagram every 10 seconds.
-There are 93 million selfies taken each day.
-A whopping 74% percent of images posted on Snapchat are selfies.

When polling The Mane Post staff about the occurrence of selfie-taking, it was found that only one-fourth of the staff takes selfies and does not post them, and a miniscule one-twelfth of the staff posts the selfies they do take.

Glad to hear we probably won’t have any selfie-induced deaths on the staff.
Students here, however, do have strong opinions on selfies.

“Selfies with filters are no Bueno,” said Senior Angel Garza-Nava.

Senior Jayci Campbell also spoke on the topic of filters.

“If you’re real, send a no-makeup pic without the filter.”
Thanks for the advice, Jayci.

Let’s discuss the selfie stick. The popularity of the selfie stick was short-lived, most people stuck up their nose at the thought of this fad, which could explain the short timeline.

Could this be the very first selfie stick seen in this photo from the 1920’s?

Most think that the selfie stick came about in 2014. This assumption may be incorrect.
In fact, Alan Cleaver sent in a photo to BBC of his grandparents that depicts two people: a man and a woman, and in this photo, there is a visible pole…. Could this be the first appearance of the selfie stick?

Selfies are an important part of today’s culture. With SnapChat being the most popular form of communication amongst teens, and social media opportunities at every corner, there doesn’t seem to be a way around taking part in this revolutionary phenomenon at some point.
Just try to be aware of your surroundings, and stay safe, while you look up to capture your best angle.

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