School-wide conference January 11th

For the first time in GPA’s history, students, parents and staff are all joining together for a conference, with other National Association of University Model Schools (NAUMS
The conference is for students and parents grades 7-12, on January 11th. It will be a required school day and is being held at Dallas Baptist University.
Axis ministries is presenting the conference on te topic of media in pop culture exposing worldview deceptions while reinforcing Bibical answers to life’s hard questions. More info can be found at
Below is a Q an d A with Dean of Students Phil Smith:.

Q: How did this idea of Axis come about?

A: Dr. Evans attended the NAUMS (National Association of University Model Schools) conference this past summer. Axis Ministries made a professional, quality, culturally relevant, and God honoring presentation at the conference that he and several other school administrators all agreed that our students need to see. That birthed the idea of a collaborative effort on the part of metroplex area NAUMS schools for an Axis Conference.

Q: Why did the other NAUMS Schools get involved? Who orchestrated the schools getting together?

A: The NAUMS conference was the catalyst for the schools working together. After the conference Grace Prep has taken the lead in coordinating the event, but each school has participated along the way.

Q: What do you hope students get out of this?

A: We want our students to see young men and women (the Axis team) who are following Jesus and are serving Him with excellence and impact. We want our students to become aware of the subtle, deceptive messages that our students are bombarded with on a daily basis. We want our students to grab a hold of a Biblical worldview while living for Christ in a secular world. We also want our students to have fun and enjoy the day!

We are hoping that this will help our students know that they are not the only “unique” school, that there are other NAUMS schools and together we are like-minded and have a broader community than just Grace Prep.

Q: Are other schools requiring their students to attend?

A: At least two of the schools are requiring their students to attend.

Q: What other schools are joining us?

Denton Calvary Academy, Ft. Worth Christian Life Prep, Alliance Christian Academy, Wylie Prep Academy (probable), Frisco Grace Covenant Academy(possible), Lucas Christian Academy (possible), Waxahachie Prep Academy (possible)

Q: How do you feel about this?

A: I am very excited about this conference and look forward to it with great anticipation. I think it will be enjoyable and eye-opening for our students. I think our faculty and staff will find it enjoyable and enlightening. I think the parents that attend will also enjoy it and come away with renewed awareness for the parenting journey.

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