by Kara Lehew Sergeant Gary takes time to get to know the students and staff of Lion Nation.

School upgrades safety measures

In wake of recent tragedies, school safety has been amped up nationwide. Here we have taken additional measures to protect our lion nation.

The question of how we are being protected may arise in students and parents.

“We have been entrusted to not only teach, but to build into your lives and also to protect and the more that we see news accounts of people doing violent harm to innocent people and sometimes a school is a very vulnerable target… then it comes upon us to take that very very seriously so that Kara Lehew’s [each students] life matters,” said Phil Smith, Dean of Student and Family Ministries.

The faculty and staff here at Grace Prep make it their mission to ensure that every student here feels safe and welcome, having grace prep as a place to call home.

“Grace Prep Academy is excited to announce the appointment of TIER ONE as their new security management firm,” said Head of school, Dr. Marc Evans.

This means new professional security guards including Sergeant Gary and Chief Matt as well as off campus electronic security managed by the JSOC (Joint Services Operations Center) and several newly installed cameras.

Sergeant Gary, at his desk, protecting the front of our school.

“It’s not just a job; I really do believe that it’s a [divine] appointment, and I hope to make the best of it,” said Sergeant Gary.

Sergeant Gary is more than excited to be here and firmly believes that God has brought him to Grace Prep.

With all the security changes and precautions, the question that inevitably comes up is ‘why?’

“Because of you,” said Smith with great emotion “and every student that is here.”

The school cares about the student body and values each and every one of us which is why
They are continually investing their time and money for the protection of the students.

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