by Ester Zahaj


Dear God, I believe in you

Yes I do.

You’re the only one here

Who has guided me through my fears.


You wiped off my tears

One by one;

And you made me believe that

There will always be someone.


Who will always love me

And trust me.

And be by my side

Through problems of any kind.


I remember when I was just a child

I was scared of the fall.

But you took me by my hand

And told me it’ll be okay son.




And there is hope

Whether you believe it or not;

He’ll be there by your side

Through all the hard times.


He watches over you

While in trouble or in peace.

He will always come to the rescue

Like a hero made of steel.



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2 thoughts on “Savior

  1. I love that you focused on “guidance through fears” rather than the removal of them.
    you kept it real. Fears come, but God stays and guides us through.

    1. Thank you for your comment. It means a lot to me. Also thank you for reading, because everything I’ve written mean the world to me and I’m glad that someone likes them.

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