Royal Tea Boba: Arlington’s Best Kept Secret

With less than an hour for study halls and only 30 minutes for lunch; Grace Prep upperclassmen don’t have many options when it comes to off campus study sites or lunch places.

    The Chick-fil-A off of Cooper, only ten minutes from Grace, is often a common hit for students looking for quick eats. However, it’s not truly a “study spot”; and it can get a bit old when its the only option.

    Thankfully, Royal Tea Boba, just across the street from Chick-fil-A, answers the needs of time-pressed students in a unique way.

    Customers are greeted by colorful globe lights and upbeat electro music. Couches on the left side of the open restaurant invite friends to gather in a casual space. Flowers and greenery stationed across the open room, as well as a cabinet full of free board games create a homey yet creative environment.

The right side of the restaurant filled with clean modern furniture adds a more contemporary, “studious” environment.

Unique lighting and an open window help develop this upbeat and edgy space.

However, it’s not just the peaceful environment or creative decor style that makes this spot stand apart; the menu holds up quite impressively.

Offering a wide range of snacks and foods like sweet potato fries, coconut shrimp, and, “Royal Shrimp Rolls”, students can stop by for a unique bite to eat.

But don’t leave without grabbing one of their signature boba smoothies. Exotic flavors such as Avocado and Honeydew, are perfect for more adventurous tastes. However, more tame options such as strawberry, mango, and several others, are available as well. Over 16 different add-ins keep customers from getting bored. Mixing flavors is encouraged as well, (Avocado and Mango are a great blend!).

Workers are friendly and service is fairly quick!

The only downside? It doesn’t open till 11:30 on weekdays.


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