Roots Series : Grace Alumni lay the Foundation

A teenage boy stands in a small room, his hair is brown, and he’s wearing a blue suit. Today is the day of the 2013 Grace prep student council speeches. The boy, a junior named Jadon Reynolds, begins his speech, “As your president I will get you a gym.” He says more, but it all revolves around the same idea: getting a gym.

That boy, now a junior in college is my brother. He never got Grace a new Gym, and I’m pretty sure after that, all speeches had to be monitored.

When I spoke with him last month, I told him about our new gym. He was pretty jealous.

Most Grace Alumni are, they feel as if they have missed out.

But in truth, as disappointing as it may be, to have just missed such an awesome facility, Alumni’s experience was not lacking. From the crowds at Pantego games to the excessive face paint at state, school spirit never needed a facility.

Grace prep had a home, no matter what court they were at.

Needless to say, these new facilities have been quite a gift.

Alumni recognize this, and they’re happy for Grace, how could they not be?

After all, it was alumni, and their generous hearts that provided the resources we needed to build these new facilities.

Grace prep Alumni laid the foundation for this school, both physically and figuratively.

So here they are, here are their stories. The faces and people that have let us grow like we have. Here are the roots with which we begun. Here is Grace.

( Our first article will be published next week)




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