Francis personally interacted with fans at his House of Blues concert last month.

Rap artist Oliver Francis’s House of Blues concert shows his heart for fans

Hundreds of people already lined up, the line wrapping around the block, fans could feel the energy coming from such a large crowd. Unfortunately, this rambunctious line was not the line for Oliver Francis’ concert. His line contained only eight of his most loyal listeners by the time I arrived at The House of Blues.

The House of Blues has more than one concert venue Oliver’s show was located in the small room off to the side of the main. It barely contained 100 of Oliver’s closest fans. Yet this was the place to be Monday night, November 27th.

On stage, was only a single table with a white sheet and thousands of dollars of DJ equipment on it. Nearly 2 hours after arriving at House of Blues, a DJ finally came out and started to mix some of the most popular songs of today such as “XO Tour Llif3” and “Bodak Yellow”.

No one complained, but everyone seemed confused about who he was and what he was doing, and then Big Baby Scumbag, opener for Oliver Francis, came out and brought the energy of thousands with him.

Everybody quickly forgot that they had no clue who he was and tried their best to match his energy and sing along with any lyrics they could pick up on.

No doubt that Big Baby made the night memorable but everyone was itching with anticipation for Oliver to finally come out. Opening with one of his most popular tracks “AAHYEAHH” Oliver continued to play his most recognizable music and thanking the crowd over and over again for providing him this opportunity.

It was no secret that Oliver loved his fans and doesn’t take his fame for granted for even one moment. Fans had the opportunity to buy a meet and greet ticket for only a small amount extra and meet Oliver before the show.

After one song, Oliver stops and squats down somehow recognizing a girl that had missed the meet and greet before the show. He doesn’t hesitate coming down from the stage to take a picture with a sign her shirt.

After over an hour straight of performing, Oliver plays his most recognizable and popular song “3 deep.” Everyone knew that this was supposed to be his last and chanted in union the phrase “One more song!” over and over again. Oliver knew he couldn’t disappoint his fans and went into one of his lesser known but highest energy songs, “Johnny Tsunami”.

It is no challenge to begin listening to his music, as it is all available for free on Soundcloud. He currently has four full albums and multiple singles available.

A Million Miles an Hour is his newest album and contains some of his highest quality music but not his most popular. Unlike other artists, the older songs by Oliver tend to be the most renowned. Songs such as “3 Deep” and “AAHYEAHH” from his second album, Bape Music, have both accumulated over 1 million views on Soundcloud compared to songs like “TRU$T” and “AEOU” from his newest album that barely have over 100k views.

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