Grace Prep’s Color Guard

Color Guard team practicing


Down on the field or court, in front of hundreds of people, stands the Color Guard. The Color Guard proudly presents the nation’s colors for the National Anthem.  A team of four or five men and women stand before these hundreds of proud American patriots and respectfully fly the flags of the United States.

To honor the nation’s flags in a respectful manner, the United States military created a program called JROTC (Junior Reserve Officers Training Corp) and ROTC, (Reserve Officers Training Corp).  Many public high schools and colleges have these programs.  However, GPA has never had one.  Students here showed interest in a program like this and have created the very first ROTC styled program.  The new program will allow students to present the United States flag and the Texas State flag on the field of a football game and on the court of a volleyball and basketball game.

Presenting full colors

There are several scholarship options that are obtainable by being in Color Guard.  First, the “Minutemen Scholarship” offers the recipient payment through college and, upon completion in college, the commission as a 2nd Lieutenant in the military.  This means you would need to be in the ROTC during college.  The “Minutemen Scholarship” is associated with the United States Army.  Another scholarship is offered by the United States Air Force.  This scholarship offers the same benefits as the “Minutemen Scholarship” but the difference is in the branch of the military.

Last Friday, on the 6th, Grace Prep’s Color Guard team performed at the Homecoming game.  As the flags were brought onto the field, players and fans alike rose to show their respect to their country.  From the side lines and the stands, the performance was spectacular.  Many people said the team looked very professional.  The professional look and training was due to two men who took it upon themselves to train the team.  The team’s main instructor, Sgt. Enrique Nava,  helped to make the team precise and accurate.  His contribution to the training of the team helped the Color Guard team be perfect and precise on presentation.  Mr. Harper also helped train the team by teaching the rifle movements and locations on where to present.

There are six dedicated men and women of Color Guard and currently four performing at a time.  This great team is scheduled to present next week on Friday the 20th at the volleyball game, so make sure you come see it.


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