Award-winning Photo Portfolio by Morgan Reynolds: Pictures are worth a thousand words

One cow can support an entire family. At least that is true for families who live in Suubi, Uganda, where I took this photo.
Pure and natural, my young cousin sits amidst the grass; symbolizing her tendency to reflect her surroundings. Her young eyes mirror the bright green nature of her environment.


Young and reckless, my childhood best friend jumps off of her horse for one last click of the camera. Symbolizing the eclipse of youth: from childhood to adulthood, the sun sets as she dives into her next season of life.
Mikayla: simplistically beautiful, akin to the flowers. She naturally exudes elegance and peace.


My young brother basks in youthful recreation. Taking it easy, he savours each bit of joyous light, while lazily waiting for his next catch.


A dear friend sits, with somber tones surrounding her. She grapples with the weight of poverty and depression, yet there is color and beauty in the midst of the solemnity.


Head turned away, my father fishes on. A time-consuming hobby, often stealing him away, is filled with bittersweet emotions painted perfectly by a sunset, one last attempt at light before the the cloak of darkness hits.


Home- a word entertwined with nostalgia, so often creates the creature we become. Antalya, Turkey is that simple place which has supported the individual whom I now claim to be. This is my view out of my kitchen window there.
“No, it really is a sport!” The controversy cannot be concealed. Equestrian events have been an athletic staple of our nation for quite some time. This girl, often guilty of that same phrase, boasts a bright yellow ribbon for her spledid performance.


“Hands down!” Almost every equestrian has heard their trainer yell this phrase at some point in their riding career. The positioning of the rider’s hands, is an essential point in many equine routines.





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