in the "death" scene of Senior Dawson Foster who, in the play dies of Yellow Fever. GPA drama department chose this TAPPS play because of it's diversity in emotional and physical acting.

One Act Play wins silver at State

“Lafayette No. 1” is the one act play our theater department performed for TAPPS State Meet on November 8th, winning 2nd place at State, and setting a new school record!

This was the first time the Grace Prep drama department has placed at state!

“Winning meant so much more to me than just getting the trophy… it was an accumulation of the success and growth our program has seen,” said Senior Dawson Foster.

The production revolves around the lives of a group of orphans in New Orleans during the Yellow Fever epidemic, and was chosen because of its “powerful mix of drama and comedy” according to Director Marsha Bryan.
The play is based on the idea of “Not forgetting what has happened in the past, to actually make a difference or a change,” said senior actor Isaiah Cavanaugh.

Throughout the production, the actors gained a new historical point of view about Yellow Fever.

“I never really knew about the yellow fever epidemic…it made me realize all the things in history that are not really thought about,” said Senior Hannah-Grace Scarborough.

Senior Emily Watson played Lizzie, the lead role in the play, earning Best Actress Award from the TAPPS 4A State competition.

“I have enjoyed getting the opportunity to play such strong and independent female leads over the years; Lizze (Watson’s character) is no different,” said Watson.

“Lafayette No. 1”is not any ordinary theater production. There are many scenes in which the characters do not have any lines.

“The lights and sound create the mood and the actors’ faces and bodies have a chance to be expressive without using words,” said Drama Teacher Marsha Bryan. “ This can sometimes be more effective with an audience than when words are spoken.”

Along with second place overall, many of our students brought home personal awards.

Watson won the prestigious Best Actress, Foster won All Star Cast, Seniors Isaiah Cavanagh and Carson Pinon both won Honorable Mention, and Sophomore Ryleigh deMontalvo received All Star Cast.

A few seniors have plans to continue their drama career in the future.
Isaiah Cavanaugh said he’s excited to do “things like this in college… where I can develop my talent more.”

For all of the seniors, this was their last year competing in the One Act play. However, they all feel like they ended on an incredible note!
“I feel great, it was a great way to end theater senior year,” said Scarborough.

Fortunately, the One Act Play was not the last play the seniors will be apart of. In the Spring, the drama department competes in individual duets and prose TAPPS contests. They also produce a large-scale musical.
As the Spring semester approaches, concerns regarding the TAPPS competition and musical arise.However, the theatre department keeps their calm.

“Trusting and resting in God’s Hand is a good place to be,” said Mrs. Bryan.

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