Hard working Seniors at GPA passing out handouts for NTGD.

NTGD Will Never be Put in Lockdown

The time of year has come for North Texas Giving Day. This year it was September 17 and it was led by Mrs. Gunn. Also the seniors helped out with drive thru handouts and the phone banks. 

The event raised $220,300 in one day. There was no in person event like there has been in previous years. Also the funds were going to nursing facilities and tuition relief for families with finance difficulties.

Senior Holden Rodgers was one of the seniors working on drive thru handouts and a phone line.

Rodgers said, “We were just trying to let people know about North Texas Giving Day, just as a reminder.”

In the middle of the Pandemic it was hard for people to organize and run the event. Also GPA had a huge goal, but it paid off in the end.

 The original goal was $160,000, but it was surpassed by $60,300. Mrs. Gunn, who helped run the event, was astounded by the result.

Mrs. Gunn said, “…to do this in the middle of the Pandemic is just unheard of.”

This proves that GPA, even in these hard times, will work hard to take care of their own.

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