Notes on lockers welcome all in bright act of kindness

These notes were written on every student’s lockers.

First day of school blues were washed away August 15th for our secondary students here this year.

As they warily approached their lockers on the very first day of school, every 7-12th grader saw hundreds of colored-sticky notes brightening the steel gray metal of the lockers.

Each locker sported a hand-written note addressed to its owner personally.

The notes welcomed all students, both the long-time students and the new students.

“[The note] felt personal and touching,” said Junior Zach Lester, who has attended GPA since first grade, yet never experienced this before.

Who was behind this kind gesture?

One senior  came up with the idea and led a group of students to the quest. The anonymous group obtained a list of every student and their locker assignment and painstakingly wrote personal notes to every single person, found their locker, and stuck them on the night before school started.

Lester was not shocked by this act of kindness.

“Not really [surprised], I have always known Grace Prep to be a very individual-focused school that looks out for each student,” said Lester.

New students were a bit surprised, however.

Junior Vince Gonzales is a new student. His note read, “Vince, Have an open mind. [Listen] to what the Lord is telling you, what your calling is.  You are so loved.  Have a great year!”

To be known somehow just through a simple note, was no small thing.

“I felt included”, said Junior Vince Gonzales.  “And I felt like since I was new, there probably wouldn’t be one [note on his locker], but then I saw one and said ‘hey that’s pretty cool’.”

This random act of kindness truly hit the spot not only for the students, but the teachers also got some of the love.

“I just thought the notes were incredible,” said Media Teacher Stephanie Hall. “The teachers even received hand-written cards taped to the window in the teachers’ lounge.  It was so sweet! Not one teacher was left out!”

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