No. 1 Ranked Junior wins AVP National Championship

Watching in awe as Kerri Walsh and Misty May took home another gold in beach volleyball at the 2012 olympics; junior Molly Davis said to herself “I want to do this; I am going to do everything I can to do this”. So when her mom asked her if she wanted the sign-up for a practice at Texas Image Volleyball Club the obvious answer was “Yes!”.

Since that initial decision to leave indoor volleyball to pursue beach Molly Davis has a accumulated a reputation for herself in the sport.

In 2017 she was ranked number one in texas for the 16 and under junior players. That same year she placed third in the Amateur Athletic Union National Championships, as well as winning the AAU Marine Grand Prix. But the biggest accomplishment to date in her career was her Association of Volleyball Professionals (AVP) First National Championship title.

Junior Molly Davis (right) and her partner Harper Hallgren (left) won the national AVP title last summer for U16 in sand volleyball. Now committed to Pepperdine, Davis plans to finish her senior year here strong.

Davis along with her partner Harper Hallgren won the national title last summer.

When asked about this huge accomplishment she says, “Harper and I were [initially] going to drop out because our schedules were so full, but we decided to play anyways”.

This decision to play ultimately scored them a national title and the feeling that “[they had] accomplished [their] goal” this brought Davis to tears to which her mother embraced her and whispered in her ear “You did it!”.

The beach volleyball star admitted that this phrase, although small, pushed her to “want to do [her] part in growing the sport every opportunity [she] can get”.

This drive has gotten Davis noticed by an abundance of college recruiters and put her on the map as one of the top recruits for beach volleyball.

Originally, Molly Davis had committed to the University of Southern California, which boasts one of the best beach volleyball programs in the country and has multiple national titles.

But when approached by Pepperdine later, Davis decided to re-commit there.

“During my Sophomore year I was feeling a lot of pressure [to commit]…coaches were calling [giving ultimatums]…the truth is I wasn’t ready to make a commitment,” said Davis. “At that time, I was still waiting for Pepperdine because that had been my dream school since seventh grade, but I had to move on and choose without that option…USC is a great school with top tier coaching, but when Pepperdine’s coaching staff came back a few months later and asked me to play for them, there was no way I was going to say no.”

Now looking forward at her life as a Wave she states, “Pepperdine is a prestigious school and my number one focus will be on getting a valuable degree, but winning a national championship for the waves would be a nice bonus.”


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