New Year, New School: Fall Semester Brings Exciting Additions to the Grace Prep Family

    The Grace Prep school year is now underway and well into the second month.

      With over 120 new students added to the GPA family this year, the school has changed quite a bit since returning students left it last May.

      One fresh face among the crowds goes by the name of, “Sergeant Gary”.

Sargeant Gary smiles alongside a  newfound friend.

A part of the schools, “expanded” campus security, Sgt. Gary performs a variety of tasks to protect Grace Prep students and staff.

Aside from official duties, he also works tirelessly to cheer the school on.

“He always has a smile on his face” attests Junior, Drew Moore.

From the moment he hits the field – for perimeter checks in the morning, Mr. Gary is encouraging students and staff alike.

“Keep on smiling, you got this!” calls Mr. Gary as the GP Cross Country Team finishes their final lap of practice.

Throughout the day, he keeps up the bright attitude.

“He always smiles and waves as we’re driving out!” says senior, Makayla Lockard. “He always gives people high fives!”, adds Sage Post.

Sergeant Gary isn’t the only addition, enhancing our school this year; Grace Prep alumni, Hannah Gentry, has taken over in the front office.

“Working in the front office is a joy!” said Gentry, “every single day I get to meet new families and students, get to answer the phone and help people (hopefully answer their questions to the best of my ability!).”

With a smile on her face, Gentry continues, “ I love working here at Grace Prep, It’s a wonderful environment and mainly, I love the people and I love that the Lord is just the cornerstone of this place.”

Above all though, she says, “I’m most excited about getting to know every single student by name. I’m working on it, it’ll take me all year to do it but that’s my goals – at least to be familiar with people as much as I can”.

Additionally, Grace Prep’s Ministries Coordinator and Asst. Boys Basketball Coach, Melcon Jones, will be taking on a new role this year as High School Cross Country Coach.

“My plan is to help every single kid build their confidence,” says Coach Jones, “ I feel like it’s gonna be a great opportunity (this cross country season) for kids to find themselves, build confidence in themselves and find ways to compete at a high level”.

A less personable addition this year takes the form of an ice cream vending machine outside the weight room.

“It’s a really odd place to put an ice cream machine… right by the weight room,” said Junior Sage Post, “Pretty tempting!”

Freshman Paul Hedman defends the machine saying he’s used it four times, “and counting!”.


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