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New students tell why Grace is the place


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New students add to Journalism team!


New students’ flood the hallways as school starts back up. The new faces; now family, file into the building, anxious for what is to come.

Enrollment numbers are up 62% from last year, new students now make up 38% of this year’s student body. Why did so many students all happen to come in the same year so unexpectedly?

Only the students themselves have the answer.

“Everyone treats you like you’re family,” said Junior Joshua Fontenot, new to GPA from Summit.

“I just really like the students here, a lot,” said Junior Faith Schmoker (TAFA). “I like everything about this school.”

Schmoker decided this was the school for her based on GPA’s excellent academics.

Many people love this school because Christ’s presence overwhelms the campus.

“I fell in love with it the first time I walked in,” Junior Quinton Browder added. Browder came from Lakeridge in favor of a smaller classroom setting, and he is playing football here.

Of the 407 K-12 students, 156 students are first-year lions, each excited to jump in and get involved in whatever student activities are available.

One new student in particular, Senior Abraham Morden (Mansfield high school) took it upon himself to make sure all students felt loved by extending the family environment to everyone. Showing the love of Jesus, leaving no student behind.

His desire…?

“To make sure everyone knows that I love them!!! And that they are special and always have a friend,” said Morden. “I wanted to be around an awesome group of people and to be at a place where I was wanted and appreciated. The people at Grace were so welcoming and made me feel like I was at home.”

Spectacular teachers and coaches do the same, new students noticed.

“I love the theatre class and how involved Mrs. [Marsha] Bryan tries to make her students in the play,” said Sophomore Kate Murphy, who, in need of a change, decided to transfer.

No matter the class or the setting, students are finding teachers they can relate to.

“I loved Coach [Katie] Smith when I met her,” said Junior Hannah Turner, who formerly attended Fellowship Academy and is playing basketball. Turner came to GPA in hopes to find a basketball program to fit her better.

Only two weeks into the school year, 93% of the new students who were interviewed, said that this school had already met or exceeded expectations. Each student responded very positively to many aspects of Grace.

This school is one big family.

That was the intention.

One big family coming together to learn, prepare for college, and most importantly, to worship and grow in Christ.

For Him…We Are…Grace Prep!

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