New Senior Worldview Teacher joins GPA family

After a month-long prayer and selection process, Grace Prep has hired Manny Fernandez as the newest Worldview/Senior Seminar teacher.
Mr. Fernandez’s credentials are extensive, with a Bachelor’s degree in Entrepreneurship and Strategic Management from UNT in 2004, and a Masters degree in Theology from Dallas Theological Seminary in 2008.

He has used his gifting’s to serve with World Link Ministries in several different positions, including: Director of Short Term Missions, Professor and Administrator at WLM seminary in Madrid, Spain, and Executive Vice President.

Aside from these roles, Mr. Fernandez has also aided in pastoring, and starting a church in Madrid.Since 2013, Fernandez and his family have been living here in Arlington. He will begin teaching the required Senior Worldview class this November.

“I’m excited to see what he’s going to bring to the table biblically!” said senior, Faith Schmoker.

Throughout the selection process, Grace Prep Seniors have had several interim speakers including our own Dr. Evans, Mrs. Webb, Mrs. Crosier, and Chris Harper.

Their, “words of wisdom” have made a clear impact on students here.

“We always hear Mr. Harper Speaking in front of everyone, it’s always very insightful and touches a lot of hearts” said Senior, Faith Schmoker, “so then, being able to have him speak in such a small setting where we’re really able to interact with him and talk to him directly was awesome!”

Senior Hannah-Grace Scarborough also cited Harper as one of her favorite speakers.

“I liked when he talked about identity… that was really good!” said Scarborough.

“Just the other day,” said Schmoker, “he was talking about relationships and I think it opened a lot of hearts and a lot of minds.”

Until Fernandez begins, the topics and speakers has brought many viewpoints to this graduating class.

“There’s been a lot of diversity in topics” noted Senior, Isaiah Cavanaugh. “We got to cover a wide selection of things, each person came in and talked about something they were passionate about- something that had affected their life, which is often more powerful (than a normal talk)”.

Because this class is required, it gives seniors a chance to interact, but also is a little unknown to underclassmen who may wonder, “what do they do in there?”

“I feel like the class is going in the right direction,” said Senior Kameron Stokes.

One topic Mr. Fernandez has been teaching on lately, is personal finance and budgeting. This is useful for all seniors heading out on their own soon. He had them prepare a budget for their future, and many learned just what the cost of living really is.

With Mr. Fernandez in place, the class will follow a similar route that it has been on with more guest speakers, alumni, and resident “heroes”.
The Mane Post will be creating a podcast soon to capture some of these conversations and talks.

As for now, students seem hopeful for their future teacher.

“I’m also hoping we still get to talk about real life things, and let senior seminar be a safe place for us to really talk about things that we’re dealing with,” said Schmoker.

“I’m very, very excited to see what our worldview class has the potential to be!” agrees Stokes.

“I feel like it’s gonna be really good!” adds Scarborough. “I think we’re gonna learn a lot!”

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