Photo by Cadence Bomgardner Coach Dan Nieboer (right) is new to GPA's sideline and classroom.

New Defensive Coordinator is making a roaring appearance

Photo by Cadence Bomgardner Coach Dan Nieboer (right) is new to GPA’s sideline and classroom.

 The quiet and humble new coach Nieboer is a roaring lion out on the field of football. He is our new defense coordinator who makes sure his voice is heard on the field.

What is the story behind our new Deffensive Football, and Head Track coach?

This mighty lion was a Spanish teacher from Saginaw High School and taught social skills and coached track and football at Grapevine the year prior.

He used his knowledge from these schools to train his football team to tackle effectively and to pursue the ball.

Linebacker Sophomore Caleb Lloyd is brand new here, and said about Coach Nieboer, “His method has affected me as a football player. I have gotten better even in these last couple of days of being here”.

 It seems that he is making an impact on the players new to GPA. How are team members not new to GPA adjusting to Coach Nieboer?    

“We all thought his methods were kind of weird at first, but we learned to respect him and he is really big on doing the small things right and I think the team really needed that,” said Junior Kyle Lehew, OT.             

This effective coach has been married for 8 years and has 3-year-old son. He and his wife are not originally from Texas, but love it here, and plan on staying.

Coach Nieboer said he was offered this job two years ago but the timing wasn’t right, and he missed the opportunity. But after praying about it this year, he took the job. Not many opportunities like that are offered twice.

 “I’ve really been welcomed by people and have enjoyed it here,” said Coach Nieboer.

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