New classes and schedules for 2017-18

GPA tuition may look a little different next year.

With our new building comes new classes and opportunities. GPA may look different because the class trip and other fees have been added into tuition already, but tuition itself per class has not been raised. This means everyone can go on the class trips and no one will be surprised by something else we have to pay for mid-year.

The old registration fees are gone as well.

Since more students will likely be attending class trips, here is what they can expect. Next year, the senior trip will take place in Boston.  For 12th grade, the starting tuition cost, which includes the senior trip, will be $10,000. Families may apply for financial aid, and the only other cost will be for books and uniforms. No more extra fees for books ordered part-way through the year, or class trips in junior high classes. Those trips are also included now.

Juniors will travel to Washington, D.C. next year while freshmen and sophomores will travel to another state to be determined for a mission-focused trip.

The G3 building project itself provides various opportunities next year. The new building, complete with science and art labs and gymnasium, is projected to be finished by August.  Once the G3 project is finished, there will be time and space for more class offerings.  For example, there will be a weightlifting class starting next year, a robotics and engineering class, an audio visual production class and more. There will also be a new snack bar and study area for students to visit in throughout the day.

GPA is introducing a ROAR (home room) period, which is a time set aside for all of the extracurricular club meetings, study hall, and Revolution of Grace that will take place. This means everyone will have some down time to catch up and join a club or two without interrupting their lunch time. This period will be 40 minutes.

“The specific scheduling is not yet worked out, but all student organizations will have opportunities to meet during ROAR throughout the week,” said Dean of Students Phil Smith.

The downside, however, to the students at least, is that the new school day will take place from 8:00AM through 3:15PM instead of 8:00AM through 2:30PM due to the new ROAR period that is being implemented into the school day.

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