Trump has already picked most of his cabinet members, and is currently on a thank you tour. He’s been to Iowa, North Carolina, Pennsylvania, Michigan, and many more states, just to thank voters and reassure Americans. Trump is very excited to lead our country and to make the changes voters elected him to make.

Nation Divided Over Trump

The election is over and Donald Trump has been elected the President of the United States of America.
Trump is the first President Elect to ever have neither a political or military position before being elected. He won even though the odds were piled against him based off polls and surveys leading up to the election.
Now the question is not who the president will be, but how we will respond to him.  Many people have already chosen that the way to respond is through rioting and protest.
While this is one way to respond, this is not the right way.
Donald Trump hopes to improve the economy, and remove illegal immigrants with criminal records. He is not trying to break up families, only protect America against criminals hiding out here.
His plan for others is not clear yet.
Christians should be an example as the proper way to respond because God has already given us instructions on how we should treat any leader.
In 1 Peter 2:17 it says, “Show proper respect to everyone, love the family of believers, fear God, honor the emperor.” This clearly shows us how to respond to our new “emperor” .
Christians should respect whoever God has placed in power because He has placed the authorities in their position according to His will.
Even though Mr. Trump is not an emperor,  this verse still applies to how we should respond to the president: with honor. Who knows, we might be pleasantly surprised.
We don’t have to agree with Donald’s personality or politics to honor and respect him. We just have to realize there is a reason he is president and treat him with the same respect as we would treat someone who God literally placed here.
Our Constitution clearly outlines a peaceful transfer of power first demonstrated by George Washington over 200 years ago that every President has kept since then.
Hopefully this streak won’t be broken at this upcoming inauguration time.
If Christians can have respect for the new president- even if they don’t like him- then others will hopefully follow  that example, because it can end the rioting that is tearing across America, and ensure the peaceful transfer of power in the White House.

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