Like to eat? New area Costa Vida and Andy’s Custard are worth the taste

New restaurants, cafes, and shops are popping up everywhere throughout the Metroplex! North Texas has been peppering the cities with fresh new eateries, including in Mansfield and Arlington.

We have fancy restaurants, and fast restaurants near us, but if you want a restaurant that is right in between fancy and fast, then Costa Vida is the place for you!

 When I first walked into Costa Vida, the atmosphere and aromas immediately captivated me. The chairs, tables, and restaurant walls are filled with bright colors and pictures that take you to the beach! Not only is the restaurant covered in artistic flavor, but so is the food. 

Costa Vida Interior. Photo from

From tacos to quesadillas and burritos, Costa Vida takes mexican food to a whole new level of sizzle!

My first meal from Costa Vida was two sweet pork tacos with pinto beans and cilantro lime rice. The tacos and sides were really good, however because of the sweet pork, eventually, the sweetness of the pork became a bit overbearing. I love all of their dishes, but if I had to pick a favorite, it would be their chicken tacos or quesadillas! 

Costa Vida is a mexican food chain located mainly in North Texas, but they’re also located in the Midwest and West Coast. The nearest location to us is off of East Broad Street in Mansfield.

Costa Vida Enchiladas. Photo from

After dinner, you and your family may be in the mood for a sweet treat. Andy’s Frozen Custard in South Arlington is definitely the place for that!

Andy’s is a frozen custard chain with locations in many different states such as Kansas, the Carolinas, and now Texas! The chain started in Missouri and I am glad they made their way to DFW. The two closest are in, Grand Prairie and Arlington. The Arlington location is off of Highway 287 and Sublett Road. The Grand Prairie location is off Highway I-20 and Westchase Drive.

When I went to Andy’s for the first time, I figured they would have indoor seating, but instead they offer an old fashioned walk-up ice cream stand, and the service is amazing! The employees are extremely friendly and the menu is just as good and diverse!

This new custard eatery is sweeping the nation with smooth, creamy concretes, malts, splits, sundaes, and cones!

I like most of their ice cream treats and flavors, but if I had to pick two favorites, it would be the James Brownie Jackhammer concrete, because it’s a large cup of vanilla custard with rich hot fudge in the center; And the Triple Chocolate concrete. It’s a large cup of chocolate custard mixed with chocolate chip cookie dough!  If you’re a true fan of chocolate, you need to try both!

Andy’s Frozen Custard features a walk up ice cream stand, perfect for a sunny day.
Photo from

I have been to both of these establishments more than once, and I can honestly say if you try either, you will get your money’s worth. 

If you love Mexican food that’s casual but contemporary at the same time, Costa Vida is the perfect lunch or dinner spot for you and your family. If you love delicious cones and shakes that satisfy your stubborn sweet tooth, then Andy’s is the best place to go and chill with your friends. 

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