Mayweather Vs. McGregor; The Fight of a Lifetime

The lights were dim, the stadium was full, and the stage was set, for the fight of a life time. Two of the world’s greatest fighters, Floyd Mayweather and Conor McGregor,  stood, glaring at each other in the ring below.

Millions of dollars had been poured into this momentous event, with publicity and coverage of it dating back to late 2016.

Despite these dollars, there were over 5,000 empty seats at the sight of the fight; the T-Mobile Arena in Las Vegas.

This drop in ticket sales does not accurately depict the fight’s success as many people watched remotely.

Both fighters were said to be the best of the best. Floyd at the age of 40, still undefeated in the UFC, and McGregor with the title of “The Notorious”  for his bountiful skill in mixed martial arts.

Mayweather, already retired, came back for one last fight. Conor, only 29, and still in his prime, was eager to face such a prominent opponent.

McGregor lasted a solid 30 minutes, shocking the world with his perseverance.

Mayweather, the obvious and favored champion earned over $100 million.

Conor on the other hand, though unable to take home a win, still pocketed $30 million.

Over 20 million people across the globe watched the fight go down.

In fact, many Grace Prep students, and faculty, were among the crowd remotely.

Students hosted watching parties, with friends and family and a few even went to local viewing events.

Some students, however, weren’t as excited.

Faith Schmoker, a junior here at Grace, recounts “Honestly I didn’t watch the fight I just made my dad some snickerdoodles for his party, but it seemed interesting I guess”

Dawson Foster, also a junior at grace, did not participate in watching the fight as he says “Fights give me anxiety”.











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