Major League Baseball Summer Review

Some of the top teams to watch this year are the Kansas City Royals, Texas Rangers, Baltimore Orioles, and Chicago White Sox.
This season looks great for the Royals. Last year they went all the way to the semifinals, but they were not able get to the finals and win. The Royals are number two in their conference, following the Tigers club.
With the Royals not going to playoffs in 29 years, they have a lot of momentum for this year. The Royals went to the World Series last year.
The Rangers this year are the complete opposite. They have lost their ace pitcher Darvish and didn’t really have a strong bench to take his place.
The Texas Rangers have made a deal with Josh Hamilton for less than $7 million, which is the rest of his contract. They will also only pay him $15 million for 3 seasons, which is about $5 million per season.
It is said that the reason Hamilton is being paid less because he originally left the Rangers and Texas does not want him to give him the full reward for coming back. He also has been paid a lot by the Los Angeles Angels, and the Rangers are going to give him the rest of his contract.
He is expected to come up from Triple A soon to play for the Rangers, as his shoulder recovers.
The Chicago White Sox have been struggling this year, just like the past few years. Their biggest series this year was the 2-1 series win over the Royals, giving them great momentum. The White Sox are confident they will make playoffs this year.
The Baltimore Orioles are 4th in the AL Eastern Division so far. Even though this isn’t very good, there is still a lot of baseball left. No team should be should be left out of the race.
The riots in Baltimore have affected more than just police. Now people will not be able to attend the game versus the Chicago White Sox. This will be the first time in MLB history that the attendance of any major league baseball game is zero.
The San Francisco Giants have been struggling throughout this year. For a team that has won the World Series last year, they are doing very bad. However, with many games left this year, the Giants hope they will pull it together and make playoffs.

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