Lockhart Smoke House, Barbeque You Won’t Forget!

In the mood to try something new? Maybe hungry for some barbeque? The exciting new entertainment district , Texas Live, has

Photo By: Makayla Lockard

exactly what you may be craving.  Located near the Texas Ranger’s stadium and AT&T stadium, you won’t miss it!
Parking is free as

Photo By: Makayla Lockard

long as a game is not going on at either stadium. If you go on game day, expect to pay up to $20. Texas Live is open from 11 a.m. until 2 a.m. on weekends and until midnight the rest of the week.
The first time I actually got to experience Texas Live was on Labor Day during lunch. To my surprise, the arena which is the main area you can eat in, as it has large televisions and lots of seating, was not as crowded as I suspected. Texas Live tends to be more populated on the weekends so I would recommend going sometime during the week if you are into more of a slower pace. On certain days of the month, Texas Live has performers, some free, while others you have to purchase their tickets ahead of

time. During the concert, you can sit back, relax, chow down on yummy foods, and listen to good music.
Looking around, it took me a while to decide what to eat. Chicken, nachos, salads, pizza, tacos, or barbeque?  I finally decided to have some delicious savory barbeque from Lockhart Smoke House.
The portions at Lockhart Smoke House are quite large and the meat is sold by the pound so you can share with a friend or save some for later. In addition, we ordered the yummy blue cheese slaw and potato salad both of which were delicious. Biting into the chopped brisket engulfed in the classic barbeque sauce made my mouth tingle. While taking a bite of the potato salad it had a sort of spice to it. There also seemed to be pieces of shredded meat hidden within the salad which added to the unique flavor.
Lockhart’s does

Photo By: Makayla Lockard

not make brisket sandwiches but you can create one on your own by asking for some slices of bread.
Since I do not drink sodas, it was nice to see three different choices of tea and a lemonade. Choosing the green tea was the best decision. I probably ended up getting a total of four cups of the tea because it was so delicious.
What contributes to the restaurant itself is the atmosphere, you can choose to sit in the huge arena or outside on the patio which has a giant sized foosball table, an outdoor Texas chess set, and other games to play.
When you’re ready to try something new and exciting go to Texas Live for an experience you won’t forget! For more information go to http://texas-live.com/.

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