Senior Tahj Chambers makes a touchdown against Pantego at the Homecoming Game October 11.

Lions focus is quality over quantity

“Only thing that was running through my head was score at any means nessacary”

Standing on the field, 4th quarter- 4th down, 20 secs left on the game clock…facing the number one team in the nation. Exhausted, playing breath-to-breath, the receiver realizes he has no back up. He pushes the thought away and knows he must not get hurt, and gets ready for the play.

Our lions are down in number. Our team is smaller than it has been. JV has been disbanded this year due to the 26-man roster. 

There is little backup for our lions this football season.

 “Our size hands down [is our biggest problem],” said Senior Quarterback Mason Brewer.” 

Having enough back up on the sidelines plays a large role in being a successful team, but will we beat the odds? 

  Their current record is 4-1, they are starting out pretty good, all we can do now is join the ride! 

 Ending in September, we are 4-1. The numbers are speaking well for this team, but in order to beat the odds, the team is not focused on numbers of players, or depth on the bench, as much as they are focused on playing well as a team.

“ I know that my brothers have my back through anything,” said Wide Receiver Tahj Chambers, senior. 

These guys are staying focused on how much do they care for each other and are focused on playing well. 

Quality over Quantity. 

 There are a good amount of pros in having a smaller team. One of the pros is team unity.

 “Cohesion is important, even if a team has 90 players if that team lacks cohesion, nine  out of ten times they will be very unsuccessful,” said Defensive Coach Daniel Nieboer.

According to the team, these 26 lions have a genuine respect for each other, and they also have talent.

“I think we have the personal , as in we have the players that are good enough to go far into the playoffs and do well , but the only problem is the depth ,” said Coach Reese

Obviously the coaches at grace prep are confident, so are the players. they need nothing besides their confidence to keep them going.

  “I’m not afraid of not being able to match up against anyone in the nation, but I’m afraid of keeping everyone fresh and ready to go at all times that’s my only concern,” said Coach Reese.

by Justin McNelkan

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