Legacies; What Seniors Leave Behind

As High school progresses, every single person holds some form of influence upon others. This is especially true of seniors. Every student has that group of upperclassmen that they remember fondly and made them want to be more like them.  So what influences do today’s seniors want to leave behind?

Basic human instinct is to not be forgotten. This is why people wish to become famous, so they can live on forever in people’s hearts and minds. But personal connections are much more meaningful and lasting than fame, so here is what some of those connections look like here.

Senior Carson Pinon said, “I want to be remembered as a… guy that was fun to be around, had a good sense of humor, made people feel better about themselves, and just… I don’t know, just generally improved their lives, the kind of person that you would want to know.”

Carson wants to live on in friendships and fond memories that he left in our hearts as he moves away to college, and who doesn’t? But still others wish to pass on lessons or morals to their fellow students, to impart some lasting wisdom as they pass on from our lives.
    “Love others, basically is more important than anything else,” said Senior Isaiah Cavanaugh, “because, I mean,  you could try to correct people, or you could try to say ‘do this, do that,’ but I think loving someone is a lot more powerful.”

Love others… the most important ideal of Christianity, but it’s often overlooked. We get caught up in our own lives so much, that we forget to help others with theirs. Isaiah reminds us to love others first. “I want to be remembered not for what I did, but for the kind of person I was,” said Senior Kam Stokes. In the long run, actions don’t matter near as much as who you were, and how you were seen. “I strive to be a role model for the younger kids… of how to like, keep your grades up, time management, and just knowing how to have a balanced lifestyle.”

In the end, the best thing anyone can do is leave some form of positive impact on the next group that will take their place.

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