Key Club opens new doors for service opportunities

November is fast approaching, which means that Grace Prep Key Club will be beginning soon. Key Club, which stands 20 plus members strong, will give students a chance to build relationships and also meet new people, while giving back to and serving the community at the same time.
Because Key Club is brand new here, replacing service organization Lion League, many students are not aware of what it’s all about. Few know what the club has planned for the semester, or what the purpose of the club is.
“It’s a service organization for students to become more involved in giving to their school and community,” said Co-Sponsor Amy Dean.
The group has three main events planned for this semester.
In November, Key Club will be making Thanksgiving baskets, which involves putting meals inside traditional thanksgiving baskets, for Mission Arlington.
Junior Madi Nguyen asks people to donate all the fixings for a dinner, then the club will put the baskets together.
Along with the baskets, during Christmas, the club will help with ringing bells for the Salvation Army throughout our area. This can be a lot of fun. Some students even play guitars while ringing bells to catch attention for the cause.
The club will also be serving at the Beautiful Feet Foundation right before Christmas.
Annually, GPA loads up several flatbed trailers full of gifts donated by our student body. Over 50 students usually attend this gift-giving event at Beautiful Feet in South Fort Worth, by loading up on the trailers and distributing the gifts to designated neighborhoods.
“I hope that by serving in Key Club, students will gain a heart for serving others,” Co-Sponsor Tamra Brudi said.
The club also plans to do small things for our community, like raking leaves for widdows too.
To help make the plans, are President Maddie Nguyen, Senior Katie Smith VP, Junior Amanda Walraven Secretary, Junior Lilian Storm, Treasurer, and Junior Natalie Roye, Historian.
According to Dean, there are about 40 students who attend the club’s monthly meetings, but only 20 who have paid their dues to become official members. So, how does Key Club get the word out to Grace Prep students to join?
“We’re marketing by word of mouth, bulletins, and morning announcements,” said Dean.
Key Club is nationally known by most schools, and is the oldest service program for high school in America. Starting in 1925 in Sacremento California, the club has been built on values of helping others, rather than themselves.
Key Club works nationally with March of Dimes, Children’s Miracle Network, UNICEF, and Nickelodeon to help with their mission to serve others.
According to, the Club has 5000 individual clubs, working in over 30 countries.
Some eagle-eyed students will notice the absence of Lion League this year. Don’t worry, the change of names from Grace Prep Lion League to Key Club is simply cosmetic. The service at the heart of both organizations is still the focus.
Along with the name change, Key Club is a well-known organization, making it easier for colleges to recognize.
For more information on the organization, go to Also contact Mrs. Dean or Mrs. Brudi for more information on participating in Key Club.

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