Kanye West releases very first Christian album, “JESUS IS KING”

By Kensley Walters

Whenever a teen hears the phrase Christian rapper, they tend to believe one’s music won’t necessarily be music to their ears.

Many Christian rappers have influenced the Christian community in many ways, however, the world’s virtual mouth dropped to the floor when Kanye West came out with his first Christian album entitled, “JESUS IS KING.” 

The album was released by the labels GOOD and Def Jam. It has eleven songs that combine this generation’s rap style with a faith-based message. Each track is not only filled with uplifting themes, but they’re also loaded with scripture. Most of the songs even sample tiny parts of primitive gospel songs. 

West’s album Cover

The second song on the album, Selah, mentions a couple of Bible verses, as well as characters from the Bible. The word selah means to “lift up” or “exalt.” In this song, he talks about forgiveness, prayer, and freedom. 

The fourth track on the album, Closed on Sunday, talks about appreciating and dedicating your time on Sundays to the most important things in life: God and family. 

Finally the eighth track on the album, God Is, is a first-rate praise song which takes a modern hip hop beat and pairs it with lyrics that express worship, gratitude, and positive confessions. 

Not only is Kanye making a difference in the music industry, but he’s also impacting people who are unaware of the Christian lifestyle. At the beginning of November, over 1,000 people gave their lives to Christ during his Sunday service in Louisiana.

In mid-November, West made a guest appearance at Joel Osteen’s church (Lakewood Church in Houston, TX). He preached the Sunday service message and led worship by putting R&B spins on classic gospel songs. He is scheduled to preach and perform at Joel Osteen’s Night of Hope event on May 2, 2020; which will be held at Yankee Stadium. 

Many people would think it’s a bit strange for Kanye to go the Christian route in music, after being a secular artist for so long. Despite Kanye’s past, he has shown us how a person can change for the better. Overall, Kanye West’s new Christian album has and will continue to touch adults, teens, and children all over the world. Through his music, everyone will know that JESUS IS KING!

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