Juniors take on D.C.

Standing in the middle of our nation’s Capitol Rotunda, students gaped at the beautiful architecture and paintings.

 “It blew me out of the water,” said Junior Crew Roberts. “It was incredible. I had never seen it before.”

Junior Zach Lester was able to capture this photo of the Capitol at the most perfect time.

 In March, the Grace Prep Class of 2020 flew to Washington, D.C. to enjoy time together in one of the most historical places in the United States.

 Some highlights of the trip include visiting the Capitol, the Smithsonian, the Holocaust Museum,  and The National Mall.

 “The Holocaust museum was my favorite,” said junior Noah Blackstone.

 To not only know the common facts about the concentration camps, but to hear personal stories and see real lives affected by the genocide greatly impacted many students.

 Junior Dylan Beeson, thoroughly enjoyed the tributes to the selfless war veterans who gave their lives for the this country in the Arlington Cemetery.

 “The effect it had on me was very great,” said Beason.

 It is a different kind of feeling to actually see all the headstones of men, women, and families who sacrificed so much for the United States.

 The trip also gave the class the opportunity to break down barriers, and grow closer together.

 “I felt like the trip brought our class closer together,” said Junior Andre Nunley.

  Friendships were formed, bonds were strengthened, and comfort zones were broken, as students were able to take part in close and intimate conversations.

 Four students were asked to share devotions with the class, and provide encouragement and wisdom to their fellow peers.

 “The sincerity and the authenticness, even with the people who were busy with other things… was evidence that God was working,” said Mrs. Hogan.

 Washington, DC was an incredible opportunity and experience for all the Juniors, and many are already looking forward to the senior trip to New York.

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